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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Window and Door Installer



The Importance of Hiring a Professional Window and Door Installer


For most homeowners, it is very important to maintain a beautiful home. Two features of the home that are not only important to maintain, but also improve the home’s appearance, are the windows and exterior doors.

Today, it seems as though everyone is trying to save money by looking for ways to cut down on their expenses. When it comes to installing windows and doors, it is essential that homeowners hire(s) a professional to do the installation instead of doing the installation themselves because a poor installation job can lead to further problems and more expense.
The following are a number of reasons why it is important to hire a professional window and door installer.

Professional Work: Installing a window or exterior door has to be done with great skill and accuracy.
A professional (window) installer will be able to perform the installation quickly and professionally so that the there are no problems such as cracks, air leaks, and moisture leaks which over time can cause damage.
A professional will also be able to identify any potential problems and take steps to prevent them.

The Right Knowledge, Experience, and Tools: Professional window installers have the experience transporting and installing windows without breaking the windows.
They also have the right equipment and tools to make sure the installation process is done correctly. As well, they are experienced with properly installing windows and doors to ensure a proper and secure fit.

Window Installer Guarantee: When you hire a professional and reputable window installer, you will receive a warranty on their work which will protect you in case of future problems with the installation.
If you do the installation job yourself and break something, you are out of money. A manufacturer’s guarantee also protects against any door or window components that malfunction or degrade.

Because energy costs are increasing, it makes sense to acquire quality windows and doors to make your home more energy efficient. These items also improve security.

For instance, windows and doors in an old home are likely to sustain damage much more easily. Installing quality windows and doors also reduces outdoor noise levels, makes a home more attractive, and increases the value of the home.
With home renovation tax credits available, it is now much more economical to install new windows and doors.

Whether you are looking for replacement windows, brand new windows, or a new entry door, you want it to be high quality and enhance the home and design of the room. There are many window and door choices available today, from custom designed products to security products.
Whatever window or door you choose, it is essential that you have it installed by a professional to avoid problems in the future such as moisture seepage, cracks, air leaks, and rotting wood.


Why The Polyspartic Floor Coating Is Growing In Popularity



Why The Polyspartic Floor Coating Is Growing In Popularity


One fantastic way to care for your floors while there are chances of damp and moisture emitting out of the floors is by coating it with polyaspartic floor coating. This has been seen to make miracles, and most floor specialists and builders are now highly depending on the polyurea to create amazing floors resistant to moisture, UV rays, and stain and scratches. This has shown remarkable results already and that is why the demand for the amazing new polyurea which is popular as polyspartic is now too high.

The main features of polyaspartic floor coating

The floor gets an even coating
The floor gets a shine
Stains and blemishes on the floor are covered by this
If there are pits and cracks, those also gets covered
Moisture gets locked, and cannot come out of the coating
Can withstand high temperature as high as 250 degrees F
Sets and cures really fast, and the curing time can be anywhere from 5 to 120 minutes

How easy it is to spread and apply polyspartic sprays

These sprays are getting popular in making finished floors and resisting moisture for one main reason, and that is the ease of application. The polyspartic sprays can be applied with ease due to the very low viscosity of t compound. The low viscosity spray can instantly wet the floor surface very well, and just bond with the floor very nice and very fast. Also, the spray contains of 100 percent solids thus increasing the bonding.

The pot time for polyspartic sprays

Earlier when the polyspartic sprays did not came into existence, there were only the polyurea sprays, which came with a challenge of quick application due to a pot time of only 3 secs. This was really problematic, and the compound had to be formed or activated right at the time of spraying at the spray tip, else it would be a waste. But now with the new age polyspartic floor coating sprays the pot time is a minimum of 5 mins, and may last upto 120 mins depending on conditions.

The resistance of the coating

The resistance of the coating is too high. It forms a hard and tough coating, and is resistant to the following:

high heat
extreme temperature
UV rays

Hence covering a floor with this spray can not just bring luster and shine to the floor, but also repairs small cracks and damages while giving hard and tough protection for elements discussed above.

How the polyspartic floor coating is built

The polyspartic sprays are built with two things. One is a catalyst and the other is a resin. When these are mixed, they react to form the strong bonding which created the layer of coat on the floor after hardening very fast.

The advantages of using polyspartic sprays

The advantages of using the polyspartic floor coating sprays are many. You may use it on a floor which has a lot of damages, pits and cracks, and may succumb to premature weathering if not taken care now. You may also use it on a floor which is on a damp area and the damp oozes out of the floor often. This is also a protective layer which simply keeps the floor tiles more protected and guarded from bleaching and fading or getting stained while the cracks or joints of tiles are safe guarded from getting soiled or accumulating dirt and dust.

Before you use the polyspartic floor coating, care must be taken that the floor is prepared well. Temperature and moisture of the floor must be conditioned, and it should not be emitting too much of vapor.
Only a well prepared floor, which has been cleaned well prior to application of coat would hold the coating best.


The Differences Between Aluminum Windows and UPVC Windows



The Differences Between Aluminum Windows and UPVC Windows


Over the last 20 or 30 years uPVC or rigid vinyl or vinyl siding windows have taken over as the most popular window type from aluminum windows. When you like at the energy savings that uPVC windows provide it is easy to understand this shift in trend. However, innovations have been made in aluminum windows and it could be argued that they are more environmentally friendly than uPVC windows.

The problem with aluminum windows is that aluminum is a metal and a good conductor and poor thermal insulator. In contrast uPVC is a plastic which provides high thermal resistance. This means that uPVC windows are good at stopping the transference of heat and cold between inside and outside a house. So in winter uPVC windows keep the heat in and cold out; and in the summer they keep the cool in and the heat out. It is proved that uPVC windows can reduce heating costs in winter. Aluminum windows on the other hand, seep out heat in the winter and let out the cool air in the summer.

uPVC windows are the same price as aluminum windows, can be made in all styles including patio doors, stable doors and bow windows. uPVC can be printed to look like wood or any other style. They last 35 years with minimal maintenance and are impervious to humidity.

It is easy to understand why aluminum windows became less popular. However, a few points are worth making that might make you think again about which is the better window frame type.

Firstly, the thermal resistance issue has been partly addressed by makers of aluminum windows. They now include thermal breaks that provide some insulation from outside. There is way to go but the thermal breaks will save you money in heating bills compared to aluminum windows without them.

Secondly, aluminum is a metal that tarnishes but doesn’t rust. They will outlast uPVC windows, often they are good for up to 60 years with a minimum of maintenance. The only problem with aluminum frames is that sometimes they are easy to dent.

Thirdly, rigid vinyl windows take up more space than aluminum windows. This means that if you have French windows you lose more sunlight with uPVC frames than with aluminum frames.

And fourthly and finally, uPVC is toxic when it being produced and when it is burned it gives off dioxins which are bad for human health. This is often the case because most vinyl siding is not recycled and instead ends up in a land fill. Land fill fires are notoriously common occurrences. In contrast, aluminum is comparatively easy and straight-forward to recycle. This makes aluminum frames more environmentally friendly than uPVC window frames. As for timber frame windows unless the timber has been recycled it is hard to see this alternative as the most obvious green alternative because they don’t last long in bad weather and chopping trees is far from ideal.

So it is hard to decide which one is the better window type. It comes down to your personal tastes and your values.


How to Make Money Remodeling the Residential Garage With Polyaspartic Coatings



How to Make Money Remodeling the Residential Garage With Polyaspartic Coatings


Polyaspartic coatings were first introduced 20 years ago as a steel coating preventing corrosion. The exceptional performance led to experimentation for various uses with extraordinary results on concrete floors.

How Polyaspartics Opened Up The Garage Remodeling Market

When real estate started booming in the early 2000’s companies started popping up to take advantage of the last frontier in home remodeling. The garage, one of the largest rooms in the house, had been neglected. Companies started selling garage organization systems, custom cabinets and shelves. Flaws in concrete coating application impeded growth for a few reasons.

The biggest problem was that it was impossible for an applicator to make a profit applying high performance epoxy coatings. A high quality industrial strength epoxy took 4 days to complete which meant it was difficult to complete more than one project per week. The only way to profitably apply an epoxy on small garage floors was to cut corners. That meant less surface prep, repair, product and labor.

Another major issue was how to get enough leads to make it worthwhile to focus on garage flooring. The concept was sound but there were flaws in execution.

Polyaspartic Coatings Provided The Solution

Around 2004-2006 polyaspartics started to surface as the next generation of advanced technology coatings. These unique coatings came on the market with benefits that enabled a trained applicator using the right equipment to completely resurface a 2-3 car garage in one day and possibly two days if there were issues.

There was a fair amount of experimentation required by some of the early pioneers to develop a system that provided a highly durable floor in a short of amount of time that made economic sense for a client and applicator.

The product worked but it only performed with proper surface preparation. Over the coarse of the next few years a few professionals with the cooperation of manufacturers of floor grinding equipment came up with the winning combination. The time and effort was all in the surface prep. Certain floor grinding machines with the right weight, torque and variable speeds would grind a concrete floor smooth removing all the high and low spots in a floor. Rapid grinding meant excessive dust so heavy duty dustless vacuums were adapted. Once the floor was ready the new coatings were rolled on with techniques that controlled the amount of product applied. It all came down to the system. Polyaspartics have amazing performance but only in the hands of an applicator who learned the proper system.

The beauties of the new polyaspartics were their ability to be absorbed into the pores of the concrete becoming part of the floor when cured. This significant feature meant, delamination, which has haunted epoxies, was virtually eliminated. Moisture, the enemy of epoxy, was capped off. It was also discovered that polyaspartics were easy to keep clean because micro scratches were straight, rather than frayed like a scratch in an epoxy. Frayed edges trapped dirt and moisture creating bacteria. Polyaspartics didn’t have this problem.

The result was a high performance coating at a market rate. The quick cure meant that an applicator could complete 3-5 floors in a week rather than 1-2 with an epoxy. This meant the customer would get a garage floor that was decorative with performance that exceeded all but the most expensive epoxies.

The only key ingredient needed was a constant flow of leads. This has been solved with internet exposure. Those with a Search Engine marketing strategy targeted for their local market are able to tap into the growing demand for garage remodeling.


UPVC Windows Or Wooden Ones – Which Is Better?



UPVC Windows Or Wooden Ones – Which Is Better?


Determining which type of windows are better for any home, office or building often seems like a tough decision. When the comparison is between UPVC or wood, numerous factors play a role in the ultimate decision and both options have their pros and cons.

UPVC Pros:

UPVC stands for “un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride” and is a type of plastic material.

The main advantage of UPVC windows is the durability. The UV coating and the strong, double-glazed material make them last longer than other materials. In general, most UPVC windows last between 20 and 25 years before they require replacement.

Another key advantage is the maintenance. UPVC is a low-maintenance option. It will not require repainting to deal with fading due to the UV coating; a good clean is all they are ever likely to need.

UPVC windows are well-insulated, which keeps the house hot during winter or cool during summer, and hence helps save heating bills – it is also an environmentally friendly material made from recycled PVC and hence helps reduce carbon emissions.

UPVC Cons:

The main disadvantage of UPVC when compared to wood is the aesthetic appearance. UPVC is not as aesthetically pleasing, and many people prefer the character and authenticity of wooden windows.

UPVC windows are not appropriate for every style of home. Older homes might look odd when fitted with UPVC and it removes some of the value from older styles of building.

Wood Pros:

Wooden windows in general have fewer pros than UPVC due to the modern advances in PVC that provides durability. The main advantage of wooden windows of course is the aesthetic appeal. Wood looks classy and can suit almost any style of home.

This is not so much a pro, but it is worth noting that when properly fitted, wooden windows are still weather-proof, and there are other steps you can take to ensure that they last a long time and remain in good condition.

Wood Cons:

The disadvantages of wood often make UPVC look like a better option and indeed that vast majority of modern homes do have UPVC fitted. In particular, wooden windows are less durable than UPVC and on average, the wood rots or wears out much quicker.

Wood lasts around six to eight years, depending on the location – compared to 25 years for plastic, not much of a comparison I’ll admit.

Wood also requires more maintenance. You will need to repaint and seal the wood to keep it in pristine condition, and failure to do so can spoil the aesthetic appeal that you got the windows for.


Overall, UPVC windows are better than wooden windows for the majority of homes. UPVC windows are more durable, environmentally friendly and require less maintenance than wooden windows. But if you are interested in improving the look and style of your home then in my opinion, wood is worth the extra cost.


Stylish UPVC Window Designs



Stylish UPVC Window Designs


UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride and it can be considered as the best type of frame on the market today. Most homeowners prefer UPVC windows due to the durability and cost efficiency of these windows.

There is a wide variety of stylish UPVC window designs available such as the popularly favoured sliding sash windows. A set of vertical sliding sash windows is a very recognizable window style. This type of window exudes classic beauty paired with high levels of functionality and practicality. A UPVC window requires less maintenance but they can last for a long period of time. More importantly, they are quite stylish and elegant, making any new or old home look rather classy and modern.

If you like to revamp the look of your home or you simply want to experiment with new home decors, you can make use of UPVC windows to achieve a more customized style. Your home can look friendlier and more welcoming to guests. The French window is a huge type of window which can be used as a door.French windows are very big and can therefore be used as doors. It’s a very stylish UPVC window that allows enough natural sunlight to fill the inside of your home. It also makes your house appear bigger and more spacious.

French windows are best suited for homes with great views outside. You can relish the beautiful view each time you look out of the window. If you love to breathe cool, fresh air and keep the room properly ventilated, then a Balcony window would be a good choice.

Sliding sash windows can also give you a nice outside view and make your house seem more spacious, especially if you have a big opening capable of accommodating two to three panels. And when it comes to selecting frames, you can choose aluminum, wooden or UPVC frames. UPVC frames are typically more preferable since they are sturdier and more durable. They can also be customized according to your chosen design. Moreover, this type of frames are very easy to maintain and eco friendly as well.

UPVC windows are certainly the best picks when enhancing the look of a home or revamping it. They are flexible and easy to install. The stylish designs also make them more appealing to homeowners. You can select from various styles and patterns of these windows, all of which are attractive and elegant.There is a multitude of styles and designs from which you can have your pick. Some of the most popular types include French windows, Sliding windows, Casement windows, Tilt and turn windows and Combination windows among others.

Since these frames are available in a wide selection of styles, it’s very convenient to choose the design that suits your personal preferences. You can even acquire matching locks to make the frames look more stylish. With good aesthetics, security, water and air tightness and easy installation provided by these windows, UPVC is definitely a great choice for homeowners.


Polyurea Polyaspartic New Garage Floor Coating



Polyurea Polyaspartic New Garage Floor Coating


Servicing and the surrounding areas concrete companies and contractors pride themselves in delivering capability and reliability professional services for decorative concrete surfacing and resurfacing of garage floors, for example, using the popular finishes of epoxy and urethane and the recently developed and much touted polyurea polyaspartic coating technology.

Polyaspartic is a kind of polyurea (actually a polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea). Polyurea was commercially developed in the 1980s by Texaco Chemical Company (now Huntsman Chemical). It has been successfully used for corrosion-resistant coatings and repair materials, although application is awkward since it has an extremely short pot life–about 3 seconds. A pot life is the length of time it takes from combining the components of paint for instance, up to the point where the mixture can no longer be use. It is, also, called, the working time or useable life.

All polyureas are two-part systems because a resin has to be mixed with a catalyst to create the curing reaction that hardens the material. In trying to resolve the issue of the short pot life the two parts must be mixed at the spray tip, requiring a great deal of maintenance on expensive high-pressure equipment.

With the development of polyureas to polyaspartic polyurea (or simply polyaspartics), these difficulties were surmounted and still retaining the following characteristics and advantages:

=> Potlife of 5 to 120 minutes

=>Fast curing (from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on the formulation)

=> Can be safely and effectively applied at surface temperatures from -30°F to 140°F

=> Very low viscosity–equivalent to water–providing exceptional wetting ability on a properly prepared concrete floor

=> High film build (up to 18 mils in a single coat)

=> Bubble-free surfaces even at high humidity, the higher humidity the quicker the cure time

=> UV stable meaning it will never turn yellow and providing UV protection to underlying coatings at the same time

=> Made with a high solids content (as high as 100%), which means low or no volatile organics (VOCs) during application

=> The cured coating can handle temperatures up to 350°F

=> Crystal clear and does not produce haze or foggy effect from moisture in the concrete

=> Stain resistant, especially from oils and fats and even from red wine

=> Higher abrasion resistance than epoxy or urethane

=> And, still being studied is its resistance to internal moisture vapor emission rates than some other non-breathing coatings

Given these qualities, polyaspartics are ideal for:

=> Garage floors

This is one of the the first major decorative use of polyaspartics. The biggest selling point may be the speed in the application. A polyaspartic garage floor can be completed start to finish in about 5 hours while an epoxy floor typically takes 5 days. Some companies have come out with polyaspartic garage floors that are embedded with vinyl flecks or quartz sand beads, similar to epoxy floors. It would be wise though to consult with professional installers before deciding on this because depending on the condition of the concrete–especially if the floor has high moisture vapor emission rates, polyaspartics may not be the best material for all situations,

=> Commercial floors

Polyaspartics resistance to stains and heavy abrasion–as much as 3 times the abrasion resistance of epoxy, makes it ideal for kitchens, restrooms, and other commercial applications

=> Countertops sealers

Because cured coating can handle temperatures up to 350° F, polyaspartics, high resistant to stains, even to acidic materials like lemon juice and red wine is fast becoming the countertop sealer of choice. On the other hand, some installers remain a bit cautious because the use of polyaspartics is still relatively new, though it does show some potential.


New Windows Installation for Your Home



New Windows Installation for Your Home


If you have just bought a new home you think all of the items in your home are perfect. The home you bought may be a model that a builder put on display to sell. Many builders like to build homes for existing customers that give the details of the home they want built. Many builders also build homes, such as spec homes, for people to buy so they can make extra money.

When builders decide to build a new home they may cut corners on the materials they use. For instance, builders may use cheaper carpeting then you would choose when they are trying to sell a new home. Another example is new windows installation. The builder may choose some of the cheapest windows just to get the job done at a lower cost which means more money in his/her pocket after the house is bought. Unfortunately, this added expense is passed onto you- the new home owner.

Within five years you may have to replace the carpeting as it is run down in high traffic areas. If you have children or pets you know this can come sooner than later.

The windows that were installed into your new home may have to be replaced in five years as well. When having your windows replaced, make sure you hire someone that knows what he or she is doing. You want an expert to help you so you buy the best windows for your situation. You may want a sitting window installed into your new home. You may want a bay window installed in your kitchen so you can place all of your plants in the window. Whatever you want done, make sure a professional window installer is hired to do the job correctly.

Your new windows will save you money on your gas and electric bills for years to come. Enjoy keeping your money in your bank account versus being wasteful due to inefficient windows in your home.

The new home you bought may be a custom designed home by you and your spouse or significant other. You know you want long lasting products. You may not be able to afford top of the line products in every aspect of your home. There are certain areas you should not cut corners. You should get the best roof you can afford especially if you are planning on living in your new home for ten to fifteen years. You should get very efficient windows installed into your home that is being built.

You may want to save money on your new home by having laminate wood flooring installed into your home versus oak wood flooring. You can have the look of wood without the cost of wood. Therefore, you will have beautiful, long-lasting flooring that is less expensive so you have more money to put towards your new roof and new windows installation.

With new windows installation, new roof installation and other areas of your home, it is very important to hire a professional as well as purchase good materials to complete the job.


Getting Windows Installed Without the Hassle



Getting Windows Installed Without the Hassle


Installing windows does not have to be a complicated feat. There are various reasons as to why you would. Maybe you want to be more energy efficient. Or maybe you just need newer upgrades. Either way, finding the best company for that job is most important.

Upgrades for Aesthetic Purposes

When remodeling a home or simply fixing a few things, windows may be one of the things that need updating. Picking something that matches the design of your home both inside and outside is the best way to go. You can simply paint them however you wish. This makes it easier to personalize the home when doing so.

Safety Considerations

In certain areas, there may be need for bar installations to add more protection to one’s home. Finding a company that can do this is incredibly easy, as well. There may even be companies that can do both in the area. Keeping your family safe is a huge priority and job. Making sure that people cannot get into the house is the first step in protecting them and yourself from intruders and the dangers that come with them. This is also beneficial for properties that are geared more towards businesses. Bars can help prevent robbers from breaking into both private and public properties. Damages go down as does loss. It is a win-win for everyone involved, except maybe the burglars.

Maintaining Original Design

If you prefer to keep the building looking like it always has, you do not have to make a drastic change at all. Workers and installers can provide the repair work necessary or make replacements with the same type of windows if you ask for them to. It may cost a little bit of money if they are harder to get a hold of, but it is worth it if maintaining the original design is a priority.

Hiring a Professional

If you or someone you know is not a professional, it is smart to hire one. They can get the windows in with little to no problem at all. If there is an issue, they can fix it. That is what they have been trained to do. This is why they get paid the big bucks. It is okay to ask for help. Just make sure that you do not hire just anyone. Hire someone that you know is reliable and trustworthy. This can be decided based on knowing them personally or by looking into how happy they make their other customers. Doing research online can really enlighten you to who the best company for the job is.

Know what you want before you hire someone on to do this job. They will make sure that they have the ideal skills to do the job. Windows are a long-term investment, when done properly.


New Windows Installation for Your Older Home



New Windows Installation for Your Older Home


If you bought an older home you know you have work to do. Your new home may have been a great deal, but you will be sinking money into it to improve it. You may need a new roof, new carpeting, new windows installation, new appliances, etc.

The easiest thing to do is to make a list of all of the home improvements you need to do on your older home. Once you make the list, put the most urgent items at the top and the least important items on the bottom of the list. Now check out what your budget is. You can do a little research on the cost of each of the items needed to be replaced or fixed. Now you can get ready to hire a professional to get the work done on your older home.

To go down your list, if your roof is leaking it is imperative that you get it fixed as soon as possible on your older home. You do not want water dripping through your roof, ceiling and onto your floor. Mold will form as well as the damp and cold air will seep into your home. If you let your roof go, you will end up spending more money on extra repair costs.

Next you may want to look into new windows installation in your older home. New windows can save you a lot of money as they are much more energy efficient than the windows made years ago.

You will want to hire a professional window installer to come and measure all of your windows or just those that you want replaced. He or she can give you an estimate on how much your windows will cost to replace. You can choose between different types of windows. There are windows that are sound proof.

You may choose a type of window that will shatter like a windshield if it breaks versus a window that will dangerously break with glass falling to the floor. Some windows claim to be self-cleaning while other windows simply push out for easy cleaning. The more benefits you have with your windows, the more costly they will become. You need to weigh out what is important to you and what is not. You may want to pay a little more for windows that practically clean themselves as you will not have to clean them every few months. Of course, with children and pets, you will end up cleaning your windows no matter what.

If all of the necessary items are in good condition you may move onto having carpet installed or some other cosmetic item to improve your home. Having new carpet installed by a professional into your home may uplift your spirits, give your home a fresh and clean look as well as brighten up your home.

Your older home can become the home of your dreams with a roof replacement, new windows installation, new carpeting, etc. Enjoy your older home for many years to come.