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Powerful Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Posted on March 15, 2017.

window repair in dallas tx

Energy efficiency can help keep your home comfortable during winter and summer alike. If you are concerned that energy inefficiency may be raising your power bills and making your house more difficult to keep comfortable, there are some strategies you can employ. These may include planting shade trees and seeking window repair in Dallas, TX.

1. Insulate Your Attic

If your attic is not currently well insulated, rectifying this problem might be one of the first and most important steps you should take. Attic insulation can be especially crucial during the hottest months of summer, when harsh sunlight beats down on your roof. A well-insulated attic may help keep your home cooler this summer while also lessening the amount you spend on energy bills.

2. Improve Your Windows

Are your home’s current windows damaged or outdated? Choosing to invest in window repair in Dallas, TX, may help improve your house’s energy efficiency. Look for high quality replacement windows that are specifically designed to prevent a large percentage of solar heat from passing through the glass into your home. Also, try to have these new components installed by experts who can achieve an excellent seal to keep out drafts and moisture.

3. Plant Shade Trees

If you want to keep the harsh Texas sun away from your house as much as possible, planting trees and shrubs might be a great place to start. Visit a local nursery to learn which varieties of shade trees grow well in your climate. Try to pick strong trees that are likely to enjoy a long lifespan, and remember to plant them a sufficient distance awayfrom your walls and roof.

Toward a More Efficient Home

Insulating your attic, planting shade trees, and seeking window repair in Dallas, TX, may help you achieve a home that ismore environmentally responsible. Improving your house’s energy efficiency might also save you money while helping maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.