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What You Need to Know About Window Replacement

Posted on March 14, 2015.

Replacement window

If your windows don't shield your home from the sun, enhance the design of your house or filter out noise, it may be time for a window replacement. Since they can be expensive and require an expert for installation, it benefits to know whether your windows should be repaired or replaced. Here are a few tips to decide when you need replacements and what to look out for.

Inspect the Framing

If the original framing is square and in sound condition, you can install a window into the opening. When you do this, all that needs to be replaced is the sashes, side jambs and trim. However, if the framing is rotted or out of square, a new one must be constructed, which can be more expensive. If this is the case, it is best to check all other windows surrounding the house to see if they should also be removed. If so, you can save money by installing multiple windows, rather than just one or two.

Check for Rot

Many wood frames are susceptible to moisture and can rot easily. The quickest way to test for rot is to see if you can put your finger through the sills, or by poking a screwdriver into them. For a professional opinion, seek the advice of a home inspector or installer.

Replace Only if Necessary

If your house is on the market, an inspector may recommend a window replacement before selling to increase the amount of prospective buyers. The home's appraised value may increase if the windows are high-performance and beautifully constructed. However, while buyers can often be enticed by the replacements, it may not be necessary if they are still in good condition. If they are in the clear after inspecting them for rot, it is best to let them be unless the buyer specifically requests new ones installed.

Consult With a Professional

A window replacement can reduce your energy bills, increase peace and quiet by filtering out noise, complement your home's overall facade and even increase your comfort. After inspection, it is best to consult with a professional installer to determine whether your windows need to be replaced. Following these simple tips should guide you in choosing the right replacements or repairs.