Casement Doors and Windows – Enhancing the Looks of Your Home

Casement Doors and Windows – Enhancing the Looks of Your Home

Casement Doors and Windows – Enhancing the Looks of Your Home

Installing the French style Casement Doors and Windows is in rage these days. Besides adding to the architectural styling of a building, the latest Casement Windows and Doors available with U PVC frames are also very secure and hassle-free. It is perfect for those wanting to re-furnish their homes with more stylized framing options.

Gone are the days when people used to live in huge mansions. Large mansions have now been replaced by small homes and tiny apartments due to space constraints. As the sizes of the modern homes and high buildings are reducing, more and more people are facing troubles like poor ventilation, scarce sunlight and related problems. This is why an increased number of people are now opting for huge Casement Doors and Windows. A regular casement frame opens inwards or outwards with the help of a sash and is generally placed higher on the wall. Top hung, side hung or fixed are the different types of designing options available with these frames.

The floor to ceiling Casement Windows and Doors are very effective to bring in maximum sunlight and ventilation to any room. They enhance the entire look of the house by providing a very modern touch and feeling of spaciousness. These are perfect for any room that requires optimum sunlight and ventilation. There are numerous benefits of installing these frames, but an important thing to consider here is the raw material used for the frames. Casement Doors and Windows are available in several traditional construction materials like wood, steel and aluminum. But all these materials tend to corrode and disintegrate with time; even aluminum is vulnerable to disintegration caused by the weather and UV rays. Therefore Doors and Windows made of these traditional construction materials need routine maintenance and timely polish and painting.

Owing to all these reasons the manufacturers have now come up with U PVC frames to replace the traditional construction materials. The U PVC frames are very strong and weather resistant. They have a much longer life compared to the wooden or aluminum frames. They are low on maintenance and do not even lose its sheen on continuous exposure to harsh sunlight, winds, rains or even the UV rays. The latest ones in the U PVC frames have multi-point locking systems providing high levels of security against intruders. One of the most acknowledged benefit of using a U PVC Casement Windows and Doors is that they open full 90 degrees allowing optimum ventilation into the room.



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