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Frequently Asked Questions
About Doors For Dallas And Fort Worth.

Here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our customers. If you have a question that isn't answered here, or simply want to speak with us, don't hesitate to contact us.

Question Index

What types of doors do you install?

At Clarity Windows®, we install ProVia doors for Dallas/Fort Worth because they provide the energy efficiency, security, durability, and beauty homeowners crave. ProVia doors are BUILT to perform, installed with special security mechanisms, and come with a lifetime warranty. In short, ProVia is the ultimate “peace of mind” door.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my door?

If you are always feeling cold or hot drafts coming from around your door, you probably already realize it’s time to replace your door. Also, if your door is detracting from your home’s appearance because it is cracked, warped, or just looks like it has taken a beating, replacement will significantly upgrade the look of your home. Another good reason to replace your door is to increase energy savings.

How much do your doors cost?

Door cost is going to depend on aesthetics. All ProVia doors are high quality and high performance. The price ranges depending on style and options. Sure, you can find cheaper priced doors in Fort Worth and Dallas... but you probably already have an older version of that door in your home. If you go with a lower price, you’re either paying for slipshod materials, substandard installation—or both.

Are your doors energy efficient?

ProVia doors are foam-filled with thermally efficient material and are designed and built to seal better than anything else you have seen. Special seals further insulate your home. ProVia doors don’t leak like other cheaper doors, and can cut your energy costs by hundreds of dollars every single year.

Does experience really matter with door installation?

Yes, it does. Here's why:

Your door is one of the first aspects of your home people see. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. A poorly installed door can be seen from a mile away, and will definitely affect the impression your guests have about the rest of your home. Door installation in Dallas and Fort Worth can also affect energy efficiency and overall performance – a door needs to close snugly against all weather-stripping and have no gaps. We strictly adhere to manufacturer installation recommendations. Every door we install in Dallas/Ft. Worth is properly installed for maximum curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Protecting my family is my #1 priority. What kind of safety do your doors provide against intruders?

A security plate built into the frame of the door makes it much more difficult to break-in. A door without a security plate can usually handle only about 80 lbs of force before giving way. With a plate, it will typically withstand at least 450 lbs. We can recommend doors with a security plate built into the door.

Asking a professional to guide you on the most secure door and then having it professionally installed is the best way to get the safest door for your home.

My door is really beat up and I need a new one, but the budget is really tight right now. What options do I have?

Finding a solution is always the least expensive option. We offer payment plan options that allow you to spread out the cost and make solving your problem more affordable, saving you money and headache in the future. Visit our Finance page for more details.

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