Our 100% Lifetime Labor Warranty GUARANTEES—In Writing—
That If ANY Problem Occurs With Your Door, We Fix It—FREE.

No hidden fees. No exclusions. No lie.

Other window and door companies in Dallas and Fort Worth like to tout their “lifetime” warranties on doors—but don’t let you read the fine print. So when something goes wrong with your door, the company is charging you for labor that’s supposed to be free. If you have a manufacturing or install issue with your door we will resolve your issue no questions asked.

Here are some more ‘fun’ facts about these companies’ “lifetime” warranties for doors in Fort Worth and Dallas—facts they’re scared to death you’ll find out about:

  • The warranty may be pro-rated, meaning it decreases over time.
  • Some make you to pay a “trip charge.”
  • One common trick is to simply “refer you back to the manufacturer” which means you’ve got to make a ton of aggravating phone calls to track somebody down to do the warranty work.
  • Some companies will not cover certain kinds of problems at all. (Again, it’s in the fine print.)
  • Like most companies this day and age, many go out of business within a few years. So if you need help 5 or 15 years down the road, you’re out of luck.

And here’s why our door warranty is different from—and superior to—the other guys’:

  • When we say our warranty is for life, we mean it.
  • No hidden charges
  • No labor fees
  • We do enough business to stay in business… for decades to come