Effectively Prepare for Window Installation

Effectively Prepare for Window Installation



Effectively Prepare for Window Installation


Your Windows have seen better days. They are beginning to show their age, and on blustery winter mornings, you can feel cold drafts in certain rooms of your home.

Replacement Windows are a great home improvement option that will enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as provide you with more control over your heating and cooling costs. Especially if you live in an older home, Replacement Windows can significantly improve your overall living environment. Compared to just a decade ago, Windows are now more durable, attractive and efficient.

It is always recommended to hire professionals when installing Replacement Windows. Professional Window replacement companies have the know-how to perfectly place your Windows, and the experience to prevent or correct any problems that may arise. However, whether you decide to hire a professional or attempt to install your Replacement Windows yourself, preparation is essential for the most effective installation.

Precise Measurements

The first step in preparing for installation is taking the right measurements. Your entire project will be thrown awry if your measurements are wrong or off even by the smallest of margins. Precisely measure the height and width of your old Window frames in different sections of the Windows. For example, measure the width of your frame in the middle and at the top and bottom. If they differ, use the smallest measurement when choosing your new Windows. Use the same protocol for the height as well. While measuring, you should be sure that your frame is square by measuring diagonally. This measurement which should match on either side. With exact measurements, your Window Installation will be on track.

Clean, Efficient Workspace

Whether you are installing Windows yourself or hiring a contractor to handle the project, you should prepare a workspace that is clean and efficient. This will allow work to be completed more quickly, a good goal for any home improvement project. You should remove any objects that hinder movement around your Windows – inDoor or outDoor furniture, rugs, or outside hoses. If you do hire a contractor, they will need an area to set up equipment, so provide a clear workspace and path around your Windows.


Any home improvement project can create a mess, and Window replacement is no different. Lay down drop cloths or cover your surrounding furniture to ensure that your property does not get damaged or dirty during the renovation. If you are contracting out the work, you can ask the workers to bring cloths or tarps for protection.

Replacement Windows have many benefits to offer your home, especially improvements to your home’s aesthetics and efficiency. If you need more tips on how to prepare for Window Installation, contact a local Window contractor.


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