Energy Efficient Windows May Increase Value and Charm of a Home for Sale

Energy Efficient Windows May Increase Value and Charm of a Home for Sale



Energy Efficient Windows May Increase Value and Charm of a Home for Sale


Replacing your home’s Windows while trying to move may be the least of your worries, but this could actually help increase your home’s curb appeal and value!

Research Your Options

Installing Energy Efficient Windows is a great way to increase your home’s appeal and value, especially if you’re in the process of moving! Even before you make your purchase, it’s very important to research what’s out there.

Research types of Windows, their advantages and disadvantages, find out what style Window you like, and even the types of glass that go in each Window. You want to make sure you’re buying the most cost effective, appealing, and Energy Efficient Window– and answers only come through research!

What Material to Choose?

Vinyl: Vinyl Windows are often the Window of choice for many people. They are inexpensive, very durable, and don’t require any maintenance like painting or staining. These Windows are very good insulators and if you purchase a high quality vinyl Window, it is usually very Energy Efficient. Some disadvantages to vinyl Windows, though, are that over time they may lose their structural shape due to extremes of weather, persistent strong sunlight, or just the weight of the glass if the Window was not installed properly. Nevertheless, these Windows would be a great option if you are looking to increase your home’s appeal and value before you move.

Wood: Wood Windows are definitely the most appealing to many people. They have a classic, traditional charm that would definitely increase your home’s appeal to any prospective buyer. Although they may be the most aesthetically appealing Window, there are a few drawbacks that may need to be looked at before jumping to buy these Windows. Wood Windows are not the easiest to maintain because they need to be painted or stained. If they are not taken care of they may easily rot, shrink, or swell, but if they are properly maintained, wood Window frames is a choice that would make any homeowner happy.

Aluminum: Aluminum Windows are ideal for commercial spaces as they are very strong, easy to clean, and require virtually no maintenance. These Windows are also affordable and come in a wide range of color choices. Overall these are a strong contender for Replacement Windows, but – there are a few problems with aluminum Windows. They tend to suffer from condensation problems and are not very good insulators. However, with insulating plastic strips placed between the inside and outside of the frame and sash these Window’s thermal resistance is greatly increased, making them a good energy choice for your home.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass Windows are a great choice for Replacement Windows in terms of energy efficiency. These Windows are especially good insulators and if the air space within the frame is filled with an extra insulator like argon or krypton, it reduces the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the house even more effectively! If you are looking to move, though, fiberglass may not be the best choice because they are very expensive compared to the other types of Windows. But, fiberglass Windows are very durable and weather resistant which would make them a great investment for any home.

Single or Double Pane?

When choosing replacement widows, single or double pane is a decision you will have to make. Single pane Windows are an inexpensive choice for an easy home remodeling project, but are usually only used in garages, tool sheds, and other non-heated outbuildings. This is because with just one thin layer of glass, they are little protection again the heat or cold.

Double pane Windows are extremely Energy Efficient in that they not only have two layers of glass, but have insulating gas between the layers. This is an important thing to consider when deciding what type of Window you may want to purchase. Double pane windows are also an excellent choice because they keep out a considerable amount of noise and can easily be purchased from suppliers all across the country.

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