Garage Floor Coating Tips

Garage Floor Coating Tips

Garage Floor Coating Tips

If you’re like many people, you’ve got a garage. That garage, if you’re like most people, has an ugly, stained concrete floor. There’s no shame in this, of course (you’re just like most people). However, many are starting to question whether having a rough, ugly concrete garage floor is the way to go. Many are asking themselves if there is a better way.

As it turns out, there is. There are many types of garage floor coverings available, but I’d like to focus on the coating options in this article. While installing some tile or a mat might be the way to go for many, sometimes its easier just to paint on a durable garage floor coating and be done with it.

So, what kind of coating should you buy? It might seem tempting to buy some tough exterior paint, clean up the floor, and paint it on, but there is a better way. Epoxy based Floor Coatings will prove much more durable and robust in the long run than other types of paints.

Epoxy, as many of you might be familiar with, is a resinous chemical that cures hard when combined with another chemical. This provides a thick, sturdy, moisture resistant coating for your garage floor. No longer will spills and leaks seep into your concrete floor. Instead, they will pool up on top of the epoxy coating, making it easy to clean up.

It’s worth noting that you can get this epoxy in many different colors. You can get many differen shades and tints, making your epoxy garage floor uniquely yours.

Installing an epoxy floor yourself is quite easy. Simply buy a kit, clean up your existing floor (this is most often the hardest step), mix up the epoxy, and begin to apply it to your floor. Typically, you will only need one coat, as the paint is really very think. After the painting, you’ll need to wait about 24 hours before you can use your garage again.

Once the epoxy is cured, you’ll have a garage floor that is both better looking and more durable than the original concrete. Of course, epoxy isn’t full proof. Some brands of epoxy will be susceptible to damage from the heat of hot tires, while other may have same bad reactions with certain chemicals. On the whole, though, epoxy flooring is a great option for sprucing up your old garage floor.


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