Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating


Garage Floor Coating

The garage floor is often the last floor you would consider refinishing as a home improvement. Garage flooring is often left unprotected and get stained with paint and oil and other products that you use in your garage. There are a number of different garage Floor Coatings you can use to protect your floor from a simple paint to a high end product like Granitex that will give you a stone like finish. Refinishing your floor will not only improve the appearance of your garage but it will also increase the resale value of your home. The most popular Coatings on the market are latex and polyurethane. Refinishing your garage floor can usually be done as a weekend project depending on the product you choose.

Latex based Coatings get applied similar to same way that a epoxy coating gets applied. A primer must be applied to the floor then the finish coat can be applied. Latex Coatings will resist staining from many products and is also resistant to damage from weather conditions.

For a really high gloss shine there are polyurethane finishes that also can protect against staining and weather conditions as well. Applying polyurethane Coatings can be a little trickier than latex. A primer coat must be applied to the floor before the finial coat. Polyurethane coating are somewhat more expensive than other types of Floor Coatings. Epoxy and polyurethane can be used together to create a great looking garage floor.

Green polyurethane is different form of polyurethane and contains absolutely no isocyanates or other harmful substances. It’s a type of modified hybrid polyurethane that combines the properties of polyurethane and epoxy binders, which is used in Coatings and in paints. There are no steps in its production which use chemicals that may pose a risk of injury to health and most regulatory agencies are now recommending polyurethane without the use of isocyanates. With a garage floor finished with a epoxy coating and a topcoat of polyurethane will give you a very well protected floor that will last for years.


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