Garage Floor Covering: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garage Floor

Garage Floor Covering: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garage Floor


Garage Floor Covering: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Garage Floor


While some families choose to leave their garage floors as uncovered bare cement some opt to cover the cement. Using a type of cover for a garage floor can drastically increase the functionality, durability, effectiveness, and the overall appearance of the garage. Some of the most popular and cost effective way to cover a garage floor include paints, mats or tiles.

The overall most cost effective way to cover a garage floor would be to use either epoxy of latex paints. These come in a wide variety of options making it easy for a family to coordinate the colors to go along with the decor of the inside of their home. While this option increases protection and the overall look, the process may need to be repeated as frequently as once every year. Epoxy paint would be a more durable route, because it increases the floors ability to protect itself from harsh chemical and oil spills, heavy car traffic, and scrapping. When choosing to use epoxy paint proper clean up of spills is necessary due to the decreased protection against slipping.

Mats are another good candidate to use to cover a garage floor. They are easy to install and equally durable. The mats are textured and provide friction reducing the chances of accidental spills or falls. There are several options when it comes to choosing the right fit for your garage. A family would have the option to cover the entire garage floor or cover only the parts they feel need to be covered. There also come it a variety of colors, textures, and designs making it easy for a family to decide which option they want.

The next best option would be to use a type of tile to cover a garage floor. This option also comes with a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. This option allows for beautiful look to your garage, as well as giving you durability and waterproof coverage; tiling your garage also will often outlast painting or mats. These tiles can range from a peel and stick, interlocking, or professionally installed tiles. Choosing to add tile to your garage floor will show the most return on adding value to your home.

While there are a variety or types, colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, choosing to cover your garage floor can benefit a family in many ways. Covering the garage floor can increase a homes value and ability to sell, decrease the chances of slipping, increase durability and the ability to protect against water, chemicals, and oils spills. A family’s budget should be highly considered when determining the type of floor covering for their garage because while some of the types can be completed by the homeowner some may need to be installed by a professional. Covering a garage floor can also increase the ability to use the space for multiple things other than storing a car.


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