Home Security Checklist – Doors and Windows

Home Security Checklist – Doors and Windows



Home Security Checklist – Doors and Windows

If you want to prevent break-ins and keep burglars out of your home, the best way to start is by securing your Doors and Windows, since these are the entry points that burglars use in both forced and un-forced intrusions. As far as securing your Doors and Windows goes, some of the things you should do are common sense – but not everything. Use this home security checklist to make sure you have covered all your bases and have not missed anything in terms of securing the Doors and Windows to your home.

The following tips are helpful securing your Doors:

1. If any of the exterior Doors to your home are not sturdily constructed out of a strong material, such as metal or a solid wood, then you should replace them. Do not forget to include basement and garage Doors.

2. Make sure that the wood frame is also well built, in good condition, and firmly attached to the rest of the house. Check for rotting wood or gaps. Additionally, you should ensure that it is not possible to remove Door hinges from the outside.

3. You should avoid using Doors with Windows, or even Windows close to the Door.

4. Make sure all of your Doors have deadbolts with at least a 1-inch throw.

5. Increase your home security by never opening the Door to anyone without first identifying who it is. Use an intercom or a peephole to do this.

6. If you have a mail slot in your Door, make sure the lock cannot be reached by someone sticking an arm through the mail slot.

7. Do you have adequate outDoor lighting around the front, back, and any side Doors? If not, you should install it immediately. For optimal home security, use lights with motion sensors.

8. Check to see if your front Door can be seen clearly from the street or sidewalk, or from a neighbor’s home. If a burglar feels exposed or visible, they will be more likely to hesitate before breaking into your home. In addition to installing lighting, you can increase visibility around your front Door by trimming back any large bushes that might block it from the view of passersby or the neighbors.

9. If you have sliding Doors, make sure that they cannot be easily removed from their tracks.

10. If you have a garage, make sure that the Door used for the cars has a lock on it.

Here are some home security tips to keep in mind regarding Windows:

1. Make sure all Windows that can be opened are equipped with strong locks. This goes for basement, garage, and even second and third floor Windows, as well as those on the ground floor.

2. For the very best home security, it is a good idea to use security screens or bars on basement and ground floor Windows.

3. Make sure accessible Windows are not concealed by large bushes or other obstructions, and use outDoor lighting near Windows as well as by your Doors.

4. Use drapes, curtains, blinds, or other Window treatments to keep potential burglars from being able to see inside your home.

Maximize your home security by keeping Doors and Windows secured. When break-ins do occur, adt alarms provide extra protection.




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