How New Windows Can Save You Money on Your Electric Bill

How New Windows Can Save You Money on Your Electric Bill



How New Windows Can Save You Money on Your Electric Bill


Many homeowners see home improvement projects as an investment. While some projects deliver returns such as increased security and comfort, others increase the overall ambiance and décor of the room and create additional pace. Installing new Windows in a home will not only do all of the above mentioned items, but it will also greatly reduce the size of the monthly electric bill. Many homeowners ponder that with all these savings, is it possible that eventually new Windows will pay for themselves? In order to fully realize the answer to this inquiry, it is important for individuals to examine the overall cost of keeping the old Windows versus installing new Windows.

Deteriorating, worn and old Windows are seen as a large heat loss source, translating into higher cooling and heating costs for the home. Wood sashes, for example, often result in drafts and gaps over time because the wood begins to shrink and swell along with the seasonal changes in the current temperature.

Aside from the infiltration occurring due to gaps in some of the older Window sashes and frames, older Window styles often cause higher levels of heat radiation. During the summer months, heat from the sun will cause heat to begin radiating inside the home, making the cooling system in the home have to work much harder to keep the home cool. Throughout the winter months, the heat in the home will radiate to the home’s exterior, causing the furnace to work that much harder to keep the home warm. In both instances, the heating or cooling systems will need to be continually run, causing homeowners to experience rather large electric bills. Both of these conditions can be stopped if newer Windows are used to get rid of radiation.

When the overall condition of the Windows has deteriorated and is no longer an effective barrier against radiation and infiltration, it is time to invest in new Windows. Today, most new Windows can save homeowners up to 50 percent of their electricity bills. While it may cost money to replace old Windows with new ones, the savings alone in the electricity bill can mean in just a little bit of time, the Windows will have paid for themselves.

Unless the homeowner is well verse in Window Installation, it is always best to spend some extra money and have a professional come in and install new Windows. Do not simply purchase the cheapest Windows available because often they will not result in a large pay off with the monthly electric bill. A professional Window Installation company has the latest Windows that increase energy efficiency and are made of top quality materials and come with warranties as well. The professional Window Installation company will ensure that Windows are properly installed and no heat is escaping or coming into the home. Once the Windows are properly installed, homeowners can enjoy keeping their home cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months without having to worry about the electricity bill rising.


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