Planning Your House Windows Installation

Planning Your House Windows Installation



Planning Your House Windows Installation


Embarking on a process to replace and install new house Windows can be quite challenging. Understanding the installation process as well as the necessary tasks to complete prior can help insure a pain free Windows installation.

One the decision has been made to replace Windows in your home there are a few critical tasks that need to be completed. The first of these is the measuring of the opening. This is crucial since as houses settle many Window openings tend not to be square any longer. Make a measurement at the bottom of the opening from side to side. Then do the same measurement at the top. It is also important than you do two to three more measurements at places in the middle so if there is a big discrepancy between the top and bottom measurements these secondary readings will help show the changes. Takes these measurements to your local home improvement shop to place your order. Sometimes it also helps to bring in a picture of your current Window from the inside and outside so that the salesperson can really understand the size of Window you are trying to replace.

Once you have received your replacement, the next step is to remove the old Window. Make sure to note how the current one is installed since you will want to replace it with the new one in the same manner. Take care to not damage the frame. This will save you time and money as replacing a damaged Window frame is far more time consuming. Double check the measurements that you took above at this time to make sure things still look good. Also check to determine if the opening is square and level, this may determine whether or not you need to use shims on the Window during the installation.

The next step is the actual installation of the Window. Most people tend to have a professional do this since not being able to install it correctly can leave you in a jam by having a large hole in your wall. If you choose to do this yourself, make sure to install it the same way the previous one was installed. Make sure to use shims as necessary to keep it as level as possible.

The final step is the house Window sealing. Usually this is done with a waterproof caulk. There is a new spray insulation foam on the market that can be used just as effective. Make sure to fill in the entire gap between the walls and the Window. It may be required to come back in a few hours after the first application is dry and check for any air moving through the gap. The best way to do this is to hold up a lit match near the seal. If the flame moves, you have more sealing to do. The sealing process provides an Energy Efficient barrier to the elements as well as makes the Window waterproof against rain and snow.

As you can, see installing a Window requires quite a bit of planning and research. Making sure to follow the process and having attention to detail can guarantee that your Window Installation will be a successful one.

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