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I Was Shocked When I Found Out That Contractors Were America’s #1 Most Complained About Industry.

So I Created A Comprehensive Set Of Standards You Can Use To Evaluate ANY Dallas-Area Window Company You’re Considering.

We’ve always done a good job and treated our customers right. And we’ve been able to build a nice business because of it. But I’ve noticed over the years that some consumers will choose window companies in Dallas and Fort Worth that don’t always have the homeowner’s best interests at heart.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for good, honest competition, and I don’t like talking about other remodeling companies. But it pains me to see good folks risk their hard earned money with contractors who have no track record, or worse, a bad (but hidden) track record.

Before You Hire ANY Window Company In Dallas/Ft. Worth,
Read Our Contractor Standards Guide.

Make sure you read each section carefully and INSIST that the company comply with EVERY SINGLE STANDARD listed in the guide. If you do, chances are excellent you’ll get exactly what you want out of your project.

Chris Pollard