Selecting Replacement Doors and Windows For Energy Efficiency

Selecting Replacement Doors and Windows For Energy Efficiency

Selecting Replacement Doors and Windows For Energy Efficiency

Installing replacement Doors and Windows can provide many benefits including adding value to your home, improving its appearance, and increasing energy efficiency. As part of a comprehensive home energy plan, new Windows and Doors can help reduce utility bills and add to your comfort by controlling heat, cold, drafts, and UV light penetration. When shopping for Energy Efficient Doors and Windows, look for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR labels on products you’re considering. The rating signifies compliance with EPA standards for energy efficiency, and an ENERGY STAR rated products can make you eligible for rebates from your utility company and for a federal tax credit for 2010.

Why is an ENERGY STAR Rating Important?

The EPA established the program to encourage conservation and development and usage of products that improve energy efficiency. Product eligibility for ENERGY STAR rating is based on the following criteria:

Product categories (Windows and Doors) must offer significant energy savings nationwide.
Products must provide features and performance desired by consumers in addition to improved energy efficiency.
Energy efficiency can be achieved through non-proprietary technology available in a wide range of products made by multiple manufacturers.
Eligible products that cost more than non-Energy Efficient products that cost less must provide energy savings over a reasonable time.
Product energy consumption and conservation can be measured and documented through testing.
Products that receive the energy star rating must be clearly labeled for identification and to differentiate them from from other products.

Using ENERGY STAR rated products for your replacement Doors and Windows project can also help reduce damage caused by exposure to the elements while increasing the value of your home. In this day and age with slumping home prices, adding new Windows may give your home’s value the price bump it needs to regain its past value.




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