Six Ways to Prepare for Window Installation

Six Ways to Prepare for Window Installation



Six Ways to Prepare for Window Installation


Window Installation will entail a crew coming to work both inside and outside your property. Once the team finishes the project, you can enjoy the updated look of your house, and the lower energy bills both in the winter and in the summer. The team of professionals will need your assistance to enable them to complete their job.

Moving Furniture

Clear the areas of your home that are in the general vicinity of the job area to give the crew complete and unfettered access to the space. Move furniture in the paths between the areas of Window Installation in your house and the Door so workers can move back and forth. Relocate furniture in front of or adjacent to the work areas.

Moving OutDoor Objects

The team will also need easy access to the outDoor areas around the installation site. If the project involves second-story work, expect the crew to use a scaffolding system to work in high places. Move lawn furniture, garden hoses, bird feeders, and planters out of the way. If you have landscaping in the direct area, call attention to plants and shrubs to help workers avoid damaging items. While they are likely to be cautious, it’s not possible to avoid all landscaping damage during this type of project.

Removing Window Coverings

Take all Window coverings down before the project begins. Curtains, shades, blinds, valances, and shutters must be out of the team’s way. If you have exterior awnings installed, remove them. In general, it’s not necessary to remove hardware for hanging, but check to make sure it’s okay with the crew to leave these items in place.

Covering Areas

A team of laborers moving in and out of your house performing Window Installation will likely bring in some dirt. To protect your home from soiling, cover the pathway between the Door and the work area with drop cloths or tarps. You might also protect furniture in the vicinity with plastic coverings to avoid damage and dirt.

Pets and Children

Expect your house to be slightly chaotic on the day of Window Installation with many people moving in and out of your home. If you have pets that might slip out an open Door, secure them in a locked room or in an enclosed crate to keep them safe. Supervise children closely to ensure that they don’t get too close to the crew and the work area.

Allowing Access

If you won’t be home for the project, provide instructions for gaining entry to your property in your absence. These instructions may include leaving a key or providing security information for operating a keyless entry system.

The aesthetic and financial benefits of Window replacement are many, so it’s likely that the preparation process will be worth the time and effort it takes. Once you finish and you restore order to your house, you can appreciate its updated appearance.

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