Our Customers Don’t Just LIKE Us...
They’re Flag-Waving Fanatics
Who Sing Our Praises!

First of all, realize that most Dallas-area window companies don’t even survey their customers at all—they’re afraid to! With all the usual hassles, sales pressure, production delays, etc., they often feel lucky to just escape the job site with a check in their hand.

We, on the other hand, are serious about customer surveys because we WANT to know how we’re doing so we can continually improve.

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There’s a reason an overwhelming majority of our customers rate us so highly: It’s because we do everything in our power to treat customers right, including:

Contractors are notorious poor communicators— They convey an attitude of “We know what we’re doing, when we’re going to do it, and why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it, so quit asking all these questions!” Not with Clarity Windows®. You’ll always know where we’re at in the process, your warranty will be in writing, and the prices will always be exactly what was quoted. You’ll never wonder where we’re at in the process. We are master communicators.

Outstanding Communication, Start To Finish

Not “very little sales pressure,” we’re talking NONE. We’re going to take the time to assess your needs (see above) and educate you on how to make the right buying decision. If for whatever reason you decide to say “NO,” we will completely respect that and thank you for your time.

No Sales Pressure

Nobody wants a surly doctor with cold hands and a short temper—they want great bedside manner. The same is true for contractors… who—let’s face it—don’t have a great reputation in the first place. When we leave you’ll say to yourself “I really like them!”

Better “Bedside Manner”

Sorry, but there are just too many things to list them all. But here’s an attempt: superior products, most energy efficient windows, bullet-proof warranty… and we answer the phone with a live human.

Everything Else

Everyone at Clarity Windows® of Dallas/Ft. Worth knows that we are not just in the home improvement business. We are a company that is really in the customer satisfaction business who offers outstanding value because we know that more time spent in preparation leads to better end experiences for our customers. We are passionate about Customer Satisfaction.