The Importance of Energy-Efficient Doors

The Importance of Energy-Efficient Doors



The Importance of Energy-Efficient Doors


When a homeowner thinks of insulating the house, attic, walls and Windows generally come to mind. Did you know your Doors play a large role in the energy efficiency of your home?
Oftentimes, these entrances and exits to your home are letting more than family and friends in and out. Light, outDoor air, conditioned air, seasonal pollens and unwelcome insects could be making their way in or out of your home due to older and inefficient Doors.

Thirty percent of most homes’ energy dollars are lost through their Windows and Doors. Warped wood, poor weather stripping and aging frames can all be at fault.
All of those dollars and cents you put towards achieving optimal home comfort are wasted, lost on a breeze. Now that you have that powerful imagery to motivate you, read on for what your Doors should be equipped with for optimal energy efficiency.

Sturdy Core Materials

You should always aim for the highest quality of core material for your Door. Heat can escape through a Door itself, not just around its edges. The three main options for core materials are wood, steel and fiberglass.
All three come with strengths and weaknesses, offering basic and premium models. It’s important to note that when choosing an entry Door, you need to choose a reputable Door manufacturer. Off-brands may be easier on the pocketbook short-term, but will cost you more in repairs and replacement.
High-quality retailers offer energy-efficient options for their Doors, like foam cores with an R-Value of 13. (R-values measure thermal resistance. The higher the R-value the less heat will transfer in and out through your Door.) Standard steel and fiberglass Doors, without the efficient foam cores, generally hold R-values of five or six.

Tighter Fit and Improved Weather Stripping

Over time foundations can shift and Door frames can shift with them. Without a sturdy frame and a tight seal, your entry Doors won’t be able to prevent energy and comfort loss in your home. The same strength generally associated with home security is necessary for energy efficiency.
Look for replacement Doors with magnetic sealing for an even stronger hold. Installation is key for your entry Door’s efficiency.
A proper, professional installation and premium weather stripping can immediately impact not only your monthly electric bill, but keep your home more comfortable and add years to your air conditioner’s life.

You can get the most out of your replacement entry Doors by choosing a model that adds curb appeal and efficiency to your home. The sturdier your choice, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy your new energy savings.
Don’t forget to the look for the Energy Star seal of approval for Doors that will lower your carbon footprint and earn back your investment, through energy savings, over time.


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