Tips For Improving The Security Of Your PVC-U Windows And Doors

Tips For Improving The Security Of Your PVC-U Windows And Doors



Tips For Improving The Security Of Your PVC-U Windows And Doors


Windows and Doors found on both residential and commercial properties can be constructed or made with various materials. They can be made of wood, steel, and even aluminum. One of the most popular materials many Doors and Windows are made of today is PVC-U.

PVC-u, also known as uPVC, stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Many building experts call this material rigid PVC because it is hard and does not flex. It is one of the safest construction materials around because it does not contain any phthalates or BPA. It is also one of the most stable and durable building materials as well. They are used for the production of cladding, fascias, and plumbing materials. They are also used in the creation of Window frames and sills and Doors.

Windows and Doors made of this material are considered innately secure. However, if your property has PVC-u Windows and Doors and want to improve the level or amount of security they provide, below are some tips you can follow:

• Invest in Window restrictors. These are small additional catches that prevent the Window from opening all the way. Restrictors prevent Windows from fully opening. They won’t make your Windows unappealing since they are small and are not noticeable once they are fitted. This accessory won’t prevent burglars from damaging the frame if they are determined to do so but it will make it far more difficult for them to gain access and they often act as an effective deterrent.

• Replace poor-quality or worn-out PVC-u Window locks. Window locks are subject to wear and tear, too. Once they become overused, they will become easy to break. If you notice that they are already looking old and flimsy, have them replaced immediately. You can also consider having sash locks fitted into the Windows since they are great deterrents against burglars as well. Sash locks, also called “sash jammers”, work by stopping the Window from opening even if the main handle or lock is unlocked. Sash jammers are released by using a separate key.

• Add locks to sliding patio PVC-u Doors. Most modern patio Doors have built-in locks which are tremendously effective. However, if the Door is quite old already, consider replacing the current locks or have additional new ones fitted. You can have new locks fitted that can stop the Doors from being lifted off the runners they sit on. You can also consider installing a simple bolt lock to prevent unauthorized entry in your home.


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