Why Buy Energy Efficient Windows?

Why Buy Energy Efficient Windows?



Why Buy Energy Efficient Windows?

In a world dominated by the media and television advertising, people are constantly bombarded with new products and ideas. Energy Efficient Windows have become part of these newly emerging products. Many people know what they are, but don’t realize how they benefit families, homes, and wallets.Buying Energy Efficient Windows can actually help protect your family and home from damage, while saving you money.

Block Harmful Rays

The sun’s rays can be harmful to your family and your valuables. Too much light shinning in your Windows can discolor your furniture, pictures, and flooring in your home. The ultraviolet (UV) rays are especially dangerous to your family as an overexposure to them can lead to cancer.

Energy Efficient Windows use Low – Emittance (Low-E) Coatings to help protect your family and valuables from these rays. Low -E Coatings are metal or metallic oxide layers on a Window surface that reduces radiative heat flow. This metallic coating on the glass can block ninety-eight percent of these harmful rays from entering your house.

Reduce Condensation

Condensation occurs when the Window sill gets cold or frozen. A pool of water is created on the Windowsill, creating potential problems.

The effects of condensation can be dangerous to your family and your home, because condensation contributes to mold growth and water leakage. Mold can make your family sick and not to mention make your home smell musty.

Installing Energy Efficient Windows can help prevent condensation from occurring. They have advanced frames, glass Coatings, spacers, and other advanced technologies that reduce the potential for condensation.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy Efficient Windows can help you reduce heat loss in your home. Reducing heat loss means that you won’t have to keep pumping heat or air conditioning into your house to keep it at a reasonable temperature. A Window can lose heat in four different ways; conduction, radiation, convection, and air leakage.

Conduction is the direct transfer of heat through the Window to the outDoors.
Radiation is the movement of heat as infrared energy through the glass.
Convection occurs when air gives up its heat to the cooler glass and sinks toward the floor – this movement sucks new, warmer air toward the glass that is in turn cooled, creating a draft.
Air leakage is simply the passage of heated air through cracks and around weather-stripping.

The rate at which your home loses heat is called the “U Value.” It is scaled from.25 – 1.25, with a low U Value indicating good insulation.

The U Value is lowered in Energy Efficient Windows by using Low-E coating, quality frames, multiple Window panes, gas fills, and warm edge spacers. These features help promote good insulation, keeping your home warm in the winter time and cold in the summertime.

Tax Refund

Installing an Energy Efficient Window in your home can result in a tax refund. This is a government incentive to upgrade your home with the latest Energy Efficient appliances.

As Energy Efficient Windows become more popular, the government won’t feel as obliged to offer incentives for people to buy them. So why not reduce the overall cost of purchasing Energy Efficient Windows by buying them while there is still a generous tax refund available.



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