Why The Polyspartic Floor Coating Is Growing In Popularity

Why The Polyspartic Floor Coating Is Growing In Popularity



Why The Polyspartic Floor Coating Is Growing In Popularity


One fantastic way to care for your floors while there are chances of damp and moisture emitting out of the floors is by coating it with polyaspartic floor coating. This has been seen to make miracles, and most floor specialists and builders are now highly depending on the polyurea to create amazing floors resistant to moisture, UV rays, and stain and scratches. This has shown remarkable results already and that is why the demand for the amazing new polyurea which is popular as polyspartic is now too high.

The main features of polyaspartic floor coating

The floor gets an even coating
The floor gets a shine
Stains and blemishes on the floor are covered by this
If there are pits and cracks, those also gets covered
Moisture gets locked, and cannot come out of the coating
Can withstand high temperature as high as 250 degrees F
Sets and cures really fast, and the curing time can be anywhere from 5 to 120 minutes

How easy it is to spread and apply polyspartic sprays

These sprays are getting popular in making finished floors and resisting moisture for one main reason, and that is the ease of application. The polyspartic sprays can be applied with ease due to the very low viscosity of t compound. The low viscosity spray can instantly wet the floor surface very well, and just bond with the floor very nice and very fast. Also, the spray contains of 100 percent solids thus increasing the bonding.

The pot time for polyspartic sprays

Earlier when the polyspartic sprays did not came into existence, there were only the polyurea sprays, which came with a challenge of quick application due to a pot time of only 3 secs. This was really problematic, and the compound had to be formed or activated right at the time of spraying at the spray tip, else it would be a waste. But now with the new age polyspartic floor coating sprays the pot time is a minimum of 5 mins, and may last upto 120 mins depending on conditions.

The resistance of the coating

The resistance of the coating is too high. It forms a hard and tough coating, and is resistant to the following:

high heat
extreme temperature
UV rays

Hence covering a floor with this spray can not just bring luster and shine to the floor, but also repairs small cracks and damages while giving hard and tough protection for elements discussed above.

How the polyspartic floor coating is built

The polyspartic sprays are built with two things. One is a catalyst and the other is a resin. When these are mixed, they react to form the strong bonding which created the layer of coat on the floor after hardening very fast.

The advantages of using polyspartic sprays

The advantages of using the polyspartic floor coating sprays are many. You may use it on a floor which has a lot of damages, pits and cracks, and may succumb to premature weathering if not taken care now. You may also use it on a floor which is on a damp area and the damp oozes out of the floor often. This is also a protective layer which simply keeps the floor tiles more protected and guarded from bleaching and fading or getting stained while the cracks or joints of tiles are safe guarded from getting soiled or accumulating dirt and dust.

Before you use the polyspartic floor coating, care must be taken that the floor is prepared well. Temperature and moisture of the floor must be conditioned, and it should not be emitting too much of vapor.
Only a well prepared floor, which has been cleaned well prior to application of coat would hold the coating best.


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