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Bring Clarity To Your Home

We’re Craftsmen First And Business People Second.
It’s In Our Nature To Choose Perfection Over Profit.

Welcome To The Bend Over Backwards, Do Whatever It Takes,Refuse To Nickel & Dime, No PressureDallas/Fort Worth Window Company.

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Clarity Windows®:


Company Overview

Let’s face it—the home-improvement industry lacks professionalism, accountability, and customer service. It’s really no wonder that the Better Business Bureau rates home-improvement as America’s #1 most complained-about industry. We started Clarity Windows® in 2002 to fill the enormous void left by other contractors in terms of superior installation, quality products, and exceptional customer service. (View More…)

  • Superior Installation
  • Quality Products
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Client Reviews

Not “very little sales pressure,” we’re talking NONE. We’re going to take the time to assess your needs (see above) and educate you on how to make the right buying decision. If for whatever reason you decide to say “NO,” we will completely respect that and thank you for your time.

No Sales Pressure

Contractors are notorious poor communicators— They convey an attitude of “We know what we’re doing, when we’re going to do it, and why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it, so quit asking all these questions!” Not with Clarity Windows®. You’ll always know where we’re at in the process, your warranty will be in writing, and the prices will always be exactly what was quoted. You’ll never wonder where we’re at in the process. We are master communicators.

Outstanding Communication, Start To Finish

Nobody wants a surly doctor with cold hands and a short temper—they want great bedside manner. The same is true for contractors… who—let’s face it—don’t have a great reputation in the first place. When we leave you’ll say to yourself “I really like them!”

Better “Bedside Manner”

Our Services

Introducing The #1 Most Energy Efficient,
Lifetime Durable, Low Maintenance,
Best Value Replacement Window In Dallas/Fort Worth.
Couple This Industry-Leading Door With Our Outstanding Installation, And You Have The Recipe For 120% Satisfaction.