Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows



Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

One of the biggest draws on your energy usage is maintaining a constant temperature through heating and cooling. Heat exchange can be caused by a myriad of different things. For example, you can have heat exchange through gaps around windows and under doors. An absolute vital part of any energy audit is to go around and identify all the “leaks” in the house and plug them. But this doesn’t stop the heat exchange through the windows themselves. One option is to upgrade to double glazed windows. However, this may not be a viable option for many people and even if you have double glazed windows, it does not stop all the heat exchange. So a very important step in introducing energy efficient heating is to make sure the heat exchange of the windows is kept to an absolute minimum.

1. North and South facing windows. Believe it or not, only windows that are on certain aspects of your home cause a significant problem. North facing windows receive the least natural light and are therefore don’t concern me that much. While South facing windows receive light all day, they have a significant advantage in that during summer the sun is too high to really impact on you. Conversely in winter, the angle of the sun is much lower meaning that you will actually get a lot of benefit from them for heating. For both South and North windows it is still important to stop heat exchange at night time. Curtains/internal blinds with good insulation would be more than adequate for minimising heat exchange.

2. West facing windows. These are definitely the aspects of your home that needs a lot of attention. In my home I have a large living area overlooking a pool. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? The only problem is that this is on the western side of the home. Of course we want to keep as much of the aspect as possible, but I tell you that 6 metres of windows on that side of the house means that the house warms up very quickly in the mornings. By the midmorning the sun has moved enough, but left unmitigated the house becomes hot and unbearable for the rest of the day. In this instance we have used shade sails to reduce the direct sunlight hitting the windows. This has made such a tremendous impact, but also allows us to leave the blinds open so that we can enjoy the views of the pool. This also allows us to leave the windows open as we regularly get a lovely breeze off the bay which helps to naturally cool our home.

3. East facing windows. My biggest problem in the home. While I only have one sliding door on this side of the house, it makes a tremendous amount of heat. Our saving grace on this side are the large trees that give natural shading to the house in the late afternoon. Here, I have also implemented shade sails and to take it one step further, I have tinted the windows just to stop the sun that little bit more.

4. All Windows. The only point that I wanted to make here is that each window needs to be adequately covered. Mainly for night use, this will not only stop heat escaping but will also give you privacy. I find that black out curtains in combination with blinds work well. The reason for this is if you just have curtains, while you will block out the light, you create a layer of air between the glass and the curtain which acts as a medium of heat exchange. By introducing a blind that is fitted close to the window, you will reduce the layer of air and hence reduce the heat exchange.


Save Money With Energy-Efficient Home Replacement Windows



Save Money With Energy-Efficient Home Replacement Windows


New windows can make a huge difference when it comes to your energy bill. Find out what makes energy-efficient windows different from older styles and how they can save you money in the long run.

Your windows are such a central part of your home’s architecture that it’s easy to live with them for years and not really give them a second thought. With mounting energy costs, however, now is the perfect time to pay attention to your windows and to consider upgrading to a new energy-efficient window style. In both construction and function, these windows are different than normal windows, and they can save you a bundle in heating and cooling costs. Find out what makes these windows different from older styles and consider if going energy efficient is right for you.

Due to their nature as a relatively thin, transparent barrier between the interior of your house and the outside elements, your windows are, in fact, the least energy-efficient part of your home. However, advances in energy-efficient technologies have helped engineers create windows that protect the interior climate of your home much more effectively than older window models. Older windows often have several strikes against them. They may only be single-paned, meaning that there’s only one layer of glass present between the inside and outside of the building. They may have old weather stripping, the seal around the window that keeps out moisture and keeps interior air inside, that is worn out and cracked. And some may even have frames made of metal, like aluminum or steel, which is extremely inefficient in terms of conserving energy and maintaining consistent temperatures inside. Windows that have even just one of these elements present may be costing you far more than you know in heating and cooling costs. The good news is, installing replacement windows that are energy efficient can save you up to 30% when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

New energy-efficient window replacement options offer a number of benefits over older designs. The best modern choices are triple-paned, which means that there are three layers of glass between the inside and outside of your home. The pockets in between these panes are filled with special gases that help insulate your whole window space much more effectively than older single or even double-paned windows. Because they are newly installed, these energy-saving windows also have new weather stripping, which will eliminate any existing cracks or broken seals that may have been compromising your interior climate. And, these windows have frames made of highly energy-efficient vinyl or fiberglass, which are both excellent insulators. You won’t lose any heat or air conditioning on account of those frames. This means that you’ll just be heating or cooling your inside space, and that your windows won’t be giving that energy away to the outside. With new windows, your energy losses will be minimal, which means that you’ll actually be using less than you used to. This change will show up most clearly on your energy bill, where you’ll end up paying less and getting even better results in terms of your inside climate.

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is important. Upgrading to an energy-efficient replacement window choice will help you keep your home comfortable for less.


The Importance of Energy-Efficient Doors



The Importance of Energy-Efficient Doors


When a homeowner thinks of insulating the house, attic, walls and windows generally come to mind. Did you know your doors play a large role in the energy efficiency of your home?
Oftentimes, these entrances and exits to your home are letting more than family and friends in and out. Light, outdoor air, conditioned air, seasonal pollens and unwelcome insects could be making their way in or out of your home due to older and inefficient doors.

Thirty percent of most homes’ energy dollars are lost through their windows and doors. Warped wood, poor weather stripping and aging frames can all be at fault.
All of those dollars and cents you put towards achieving optimal home comfort are wasted, lost on a breeze. Now that you have that powerful imagery to motivate you, read on for what your doors should be equipped with for optimal energy efficiency.

Sturdy Core Materials

You should always aim for the highest quality of core material for your door. Heat can escape through a door itself, not just around its edges. The three main options for core materials are wood, steel and fiberglass.
All three come with strengths and weaknesses, offering basic and premium models. It’s important to note that when choosing an entry door, you need to choose a reputable door manufacturer. Off-brands may be easier on the pocketbook short-term, but will cost you more in repairs and replacement.
High-quality retailers offer energy-efficient options for their doors, like foam cores with an R-Value of 13. (R-values measure thermal resistance. The higher the R-value the less heat will transfer in and out through your door.) Standard steel and fiberglass doors, without the efficient foam cores, generally hold R-values of five or six.

Tighter Fit and Improved Weather Stripping

Over time foundations can shift and door frames can shift with them. Without a sturdy frame and a tight seal, your entry doors won’t be able to prevent energy and comfort loss in your home. The same strength generally associated with home security is necessary for energy efficiency.
Look for replacement doors with magnetic sealing for an even stronger hold. Installation is key for your entry door’s efficiency.
A proper, professional installation and premium weather stripping can immediately impact not only your monthly electric bill, but keep your home more comfortable and add years to your air conditioner’s life.

You can get the most out of your replacement entry doors by choosing a model that adds curb appeal and efficiency to your home. The sturdier your choice, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy your new energy savings.
Don’t forget to the look for the Energy Star seal of approval for doors that will lower your carbon footprint and earn back your investment, through energy savings, over time.


Stop Fighting! Upgrade Your Doors and Windows to uPVC!


Stop Fighting! Upgrade Your Doors and Windows to uPVC!


Are you tired of arguing over where the thermostat should be set? Are you tired of high energy bills and drafts around your old wood doors and windows? Now is the time to invest in something that will add value to your home and comfort to your life.

The modern PVC windows and doors will make a huge difference in the money you spend every month and may even stop the endless fights over who controls the thermostat.

Each and every PVC door and window comes with it’s own frame. This frame is made from PVC also and fits the doors and windows like a glove. There are no gaps for air to rush through and there are no gaps for those creepy, crawling insects to find. The air inside stays inside and the PVC windows and doors keep the outside air outside. See how comfortable that makes life.

PVC is a material manufactured from poly vinyl chloride. Many times aluminum is added for more strength and rigidity in the end product. This material is colored during the manufacturing process. It does not require paint. It does not rot or mold. Most important, it does not warp or shrink.

Almost any style of PVC windows and doors are available. Moreover, the color choices are huge. The windows are double glazed, which means they have two panes of glass with a space between. The space can hold air or a dense colorless gas for even more energy efficiency. Windows come in several color choices. The doors can be textured to resemble wood, made with panels, or have glass inserts.

Advantages of Using PVC Strips in Covering Doors and Windows in an Industry


In order to get some hygienic air to flow through your house, you have to focus on some basic amendments. You have to make sure that you are having the right setup for your life. Unfortunately, there are many wrong decisions made that makes the life much difficult. If you want to have clean air then air curtains are the way to go. This present post will let you understand some of the facts about the PVC strip curtains and will also give you some interesting facts related to its maintenance. If you want to have the industrial curtains and their information then it is also available on further read.

Numerous industries around the world make use of heavy machinery for the manufacturing process. While a few of the industries use different space to conduct their official business, a few of the industries have offices within the building that has the huge machinery. This sometimes leads to huge noise and temperature imbalance in both areas as the door is constantly opened and closed. People have been rampantly looking for a solution to this problem. Through years of innovation and use of various kinds of raw materials strips to cover these doors and windows are made. One such is the PVC Strips, these strip doors and curtains have effectively made it easier to move across rooms whilst maintaining the room temperature on either side of the room.

The traditional doors and windows were replaced by the PVC strips to avoid unnecessary opening and closing and also effective means of a thoroughfare for vehicles and people. These PVC Strips are flexible and easy to maintain which makes it perfect for large-scale industries that use large machinery. They are also transparent in nature, providing excellent see-through.

PVC strip doors and curtains are used to cover doorways regardless of their size. It can be customized based on the necessity and it is also cost-effective. They are found in huge numbers in hotels, factories, and other commercial areas.

There are many advantages to using these PVC Strips which includes cost effectiveness, limitless application, energy-efficient with proper filters for UV and IR. It is also perfectly recyclable. These PVC Strips are easy to clean and are temperature resistant. It comes in handy in also maintaining the temperature of a particular area. Also, they are capable of preserving the temperature which makes them ideal for usage in all commercial organizations.

Below are some commercial establishments that will definitely find great use for PVC strip curtains:

Automobile industry.
Cold storage.
Factory outlets/stores.
Food Processing industry.
Textile industry.
Welding bay.


Different Types of Commercial Doors and Windows



Different Types of Commercial Doors and Windows


There are different types of commercial doors and windows. Because of that, you may find the task of choosing which type of doors and windows a little confusing.

To help you, here are some of the widely used types of commercial doors and windows for business establishment.

These doors are important in business houses. As the entry point, doors play a big role in wooing and attracting customers. Commercial doors must be able to leave a positive first impression to customers and mere passer-bys.

For your own commercial space, choose a door which is easy to open. In most stores, sliding doors with auto sensors prove to be a great choice. This type of doors gives customers the feeling of being always welcome. As the activated sensor detects a customer coming near, the door is automatically opened up for the customer to freely enter.

Revolving doors are also good for commercial establishments. Designed as two door panes perpendicular to each other, divided into four quarters and revolving around, customers can enter and leave simultaneously or at the same time.

As for commercial windows, going for custom made ones is the preferable choice. This way, you can have your window made the way you want it. Decide and choose among the variety of shapes, sizes and design.

This type of windows is ideal for openings that are either small or large. By having it custom made, no adjustments in terms of size would be necessary. In addition to that, matching the design of the window with the current décor of the space would be easier. The common materials used are wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composite. Select among these materials depending upon your needs.

For these commercial doors and windows, just remember to take into considerations the over-all cost, general appeal and energy-efficiency of the materials.


Bolster Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Replacement Windows



Bolster Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Replacement Windows


As energy prices continue to soar with no end in sight, taking every precaution possible to create a more energy efficient home is a great way to save money, preserve resources and live more comfortably (and responsibly). In terms of bolstering energy efficiency, where’s the best place to start? The answer, resoundingly, is to begin by assessing your windows and doors – perhaps the two biggest culprits in the war against wasting energy.

If you live in an older home and can’t remember when the last time the windows were updated, there’s a good chance the only thing separating the interior from the outdoors are grossly outdated, single-pane windows. Put candidly, a single-pane window is just like having an open hole in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc. Outdated single-pane windows came from a simpler time when resources were deemed inexhaustible and more, they were affordable. We know better now.

Energy efficient replacement windows coupled with tightly sealed doors and attics can radically lower your energy bills. These simple updates start paying you back immediately and are a good return on your investment and help you save considerable money down the line, year after year.

Do you know what to look for when you begin the shopping process for replacement windows? Beyond aesthetics, ask your replacement window dealer to show you models that meet Energy Star requirements for your geographic area. Energy Star rated windows must meet higher energy efficiency standards and have a lower U-value, which indicates how well a window is capable of insulating. The lower the U-value, the better the window will perform to keep cool air inside and hot air outside.

Although energy efficient replacement windows offer one of the most impactful solutions to your energy woes, you don’t have to go out and spend money to create a more energy-conscious home. Consider these tips, straight from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:

Install white or light color window shades, blinds or drapes to reflect heat away
Keep curtains on the west and south side of your home closed during the day
Use your natural landscaping such as trees or shrubs near windows to keep them shaded

Consider updated replacement windows as a viable and affordable way to increase the value and functionality of your home while creating a more energy efficient environment for a better bottom line in the long run.

Do you know what to look for before you go shopping for replacement windows? Aesthetics are important, but replacement windows should also have a low U-value and ENERGY STAR certification.


Tips on Choosing House Doors and Windows



Tips on Choosing House Doors and Windows


Millions of home owners are usually faced with serious challenges when trying to choose doors and windows for their homes. This is because they don’t know what criteria to use in selecting fixtures that will match with the other home settings. The wide variety of available fixtures to choose from also poses a challenge to most people. The truth of the matter is that there are simple guidelines you need to follow so that you make a choice that you will be proud to live with after installation has been completed.

Materials: Most people have come to prefer timber windows and doors because of their ability to sustain energy and increase the home’s appeal. Buying and installing these fixtures that are energy efficient ensures that you don’t spend too much money on energy bills. You will also be increasing the value of your house at the same time.

Design: When it comes to choosing the design, this is where you will probably get a serious challenge. However, you need to make your choice in relation to what features you want to have in relation to them. Remember that the best doors and windows need to address important issues such as security, ventilation and increased space. In cases where you have a design on your mind that is not readily available, you can always discuss with your carpenter and see whether they can actually create it for you.

Home settings: You also need to remember that there are many different varieties available in the construction industry and you should therefore take some time to get something that will showcase a perfect finish for the house. Don’t rush to buy any piece of this hardware simply because it looks catch and nothing more, always ensure you have your home settings in mind as you make your selection.

Energy retention: If you are thinking of installing a glass door or window, you need to consider its ability as far as energy retention in your home is concerned. There are glasses varieties available that will not only help in retaining energy but will also not be prone to catching dust as well as reducing the level of noises from outside the house. Remember to ask about class varieties that can prevent UV radiation from reaching the inside of your house.

Screens: When thinking about the screens you are going to choose, always consider the type of hardware you have. Think about a door or window where panes can be fitted easily without any hassles so whether it is internally or externally in order to keep the elements and pests away from your home. Don’t forget also that screen come in different varieties and are made to fit different types of doors and windows.

Color: While color may not be such a serious issue, it is also important that you give it come little consideration. Your choice will have a direct impact on the color that your doors and widows will be painted with. You will also need to remember that it is always much easier to apply paint on timber fixtures when compared to glass, where more expertise in normally required.



Stop Door and Window Draft Problems



Stop Door and Window Draft Problems


A door and window draft situation in a house means that you are losing money. In fact, studies have shown that window and door drafts can result in a 50% loss of a home’s heating and cooling energy. The American Council for the Energy Efficient Economy points out that an estimated $13 billion of energy is lost each year in the United States as a result of drafty windows and doors.

Door and window draft problems occur when a house has settled and windows and doors no longer fit properly. Any type of gap, no matter how small, causes air infiltration. This results in drafts, which will impact the set temperature in your home.

For these drafts, there are inexpensive solutions. Door and window draft blockers are effective in stopping drafts and are extremely affordable. While many people use handmade door snakes or old blankets to block drafts, these simply are not as effective as a draft blocker. It’s important to invest in draft blockers that are made from a strong material, like polypropylene, that has been tested to block air flow. The interior should be filled with a proven insulating material, such as finely ground corn cob. It is important that the draft blocker is flexible in order to fit snugly under the window or door.

To pinpoint draft areas, feel the bottom of doors and around windows. You can also listen for a whistling sound, which is common around drafty windows. If you feel air leaking in, you need to take action to seal off the draft. Doors and window in older home are more likely to have problems with drafts, but there could also be concern in homes with new replacement windows if they were installed improperly.

Door and window draft dilemmas can occur with all types of doors and windows. The front and back doors are common for being drafty, but also look at the basement door, garage door, sliding glass doors and attic door. Any window in the home can be causing a draft, in particular porch and basement windows.

Problems are most notable when cold air is coming through. During cold months when your home’s heating system is trying to maintain a certain temperature, drafts from doors and windows can make that temperature fluctuate. That means your heating system will continuously remain on or turn on more frequently to try to compensate for the cold air seeping in. The result is higher heating bills.

Door and window draft openings can cause problems in warm weather months, especially if you have central air, or use air conditioning or fans. While cooling systems are trying to cool down a home and maintain a comfortable temperature, hot air flowing in from doors and windows makes the cooling system work harder. The more a cooling system has to work, the more energy it is using. For the homeowner, that means a higher electric bill.

When you fix problem areas, you can save up to 25% in energy costs. Window and door draft blockers have been proven as energy savers, reducing the cost of your energy bills. They are easy to use, simple to install with no glue, nails, or fasteners needed. They are also easy to clean by hand and can be air dried. Often times, draft blockers can get wet, but they can be air dried and maintain their efficiency. Draft blockers are a long-lasting solution to improving energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Doors



Energy Efficient Doors


There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient than ever before. You can replace appliances that use less electricity. You can replace your windows for better insulation.
You can switch out light bulbs to CFLs that put out less heat and use less energy. But you can also change your door to a more energy efficient kind.

Energy efficient doors come in all shapes and sizes. From wood to fiberglass, doors that are made to be eco-friendly give you the advantages you need in order to save on your heating and cooling bills.
Whether you have a sliding glass door or need a replacement front door, there are choices that can give you the chance to improve upon your eco-friendliness.

Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to be energy efficient. Not only that, but they can also mimic other door types.
For example, if you want a door that looks like wood, you can get a fiberglass door that is crafted to look like wood grain. The insulation offered by these doors means that in the winter you lose less heat from inside your house and in the summer you lose less cool air.
Your heater or air conditioners do not have to work as hard because the temperature is exactly what you want it to be due to energy efficient doors. Likewise, the insulation these doors offer also keeps the outdoors outside where it belongs. No cold winter air seeping in through cracks or hot summer winds finding their way into your home.

One of the best things about energy efficient doors is that they can help you save money. If you have to use your heater or air conditioning unit less often, then you lower your bills.
Depending upon where you live, this kind of green upgrade can save you hundreds of dollars every year. In addition to saving on bills, energy efficient doors can help to earn you a tax break.
Check to make sure that the doors you are interested in are Energy Star qualified and you can claim them later when tax time rolls around. You might be surprised how much you get just from installing a few doors!

Make the upgrade to energy efficient doors and see what kind of results they can bring. The benefits will be immediately noticeable when you realize your heater or air conditioner switching on less and you feel more comfortable in your home.



Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows



Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

One of the most effective energy upgrades you can make is to improve your home’s windows. When the words replacement windows are heard, some people’s eyes will begin rolling around as they see them as being an unnecessary addition to their home. But many without the right facts about energy efficient windows and their many benefits that they offer a house and owner.

How about the benefits of energy efficient windows by reducing the growing energy bills and preventing the large amount of heating and cooling from escaping through the windows? Technology has helped improved manufacturing allowing newer windows to be built with a higher efficiency. New energy efficient windows have the highest insulation value, and proper installation will ensure your house is keep warm and cool at the lowest cost. Over time the saving on energy bills will pay for the windows.

How about the benefit of replacement windows paying for themselves immediately after installation? A choice of replacement windows while remodeling the house adds value to your home immediately. This can make people happy when they are spending money to know that they will be getting it back immediately, for the value of the home will go up. When putting your home on the market it will give you 20% better chance of getting an offer with energy efficient windows.

How about the benefit of replacement windows for upgrading the appearance of the house. It is amazing how new windows can give an older house a face-lift making it look younger. However, you can get replacement windows in a huge range of types, styles, and colors. Finally, this offers you an opportunity for a more modern looking house with easier maintenance.

How about the benefits of new windows for adding safety? However, windows come with the newest features with better locks and breaking deterrents. The locks have mechanism preventing them from being opened easily from the outside. Also, some window panes are made where they cannot be cut.

How about the benefits of energy efficient windows helping the environment? Nevertheless, installing new windows is another way to go “green”. Leaks do not only happen in older windows that may have loosened up over the years, also new windows that were not properly installed. According to Energy Star, energy-efficient windows have a low-e glass with a special coating to reflect infrared light and keeps the heat and cooling inside. Provided, they also have multiple panes of glass with argon or krypton gases in between each pane, with multiple panes it helps with doubling and tripling insulation efficiency. Depending on what climate you live in you should look at the Solar Heat Coefficient (SHGC), the lower the SHGC, the less solar heat is passed through.

In conclusion, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the government has started improving a home’s energy efficiency. Finally, by lowering the energy use, owners win in all ways by replacing the houses windows. A newer looking home, with a higher value, with safer windows, with a “green” tag, and a smaller energy bill is what you should expect.