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Introducing The #1 Most Energy Efficient,
Lifetime Durable, Low Maintenance,
Best Value Replacement Window In Dallas/Fort Worth.

Window Installation & Repair Services

Available Only At Clarity Windows®.

When it comes to energy efficiency, you simply can’t afford to “go cheap” when battling Texas’s brutal weather. As an independent family-owned window company for Dallas and Fort Worth, we have the freedom to sell whatever brand of window we want... so we scoured the universe of literally THOUSANDS of window manufacturers to find the best. We had no preconceived notion about what we would find—our only requirement was to identify the highest quality, most energy-efficient window on the market.

Window Installation & Repair Services

Introducing the Quantum 2 Window.

The Quantum 2 significantly OUT-PERFORMS all the “best brands” on the market in efficiency, quality, and even aesthetics... but is only priced on the upper end of the middle-priced windows group. In other words, we found a window that COSTS significantly less than the “best” windows, but that OUTPERFORMS them by a mile.

Rated The Most Energy Efficient Window In America.

The Quantum 2 was rated Energy Star’s most energy-efficient window for 2013. Its U-Factor (the rating that determines a window’s energy efficiency) is off the charts. An excellent U-Factor is .21 (the lower the number, the better). Depending on the glass package you get, the Quantum 2 can have a U-Factor as low as .14. It’s simply the window to own if you want to slash your energy bills by hundreds of dollars every year. Period.

Here are a few more reasons the Quantum 2 is the most energy efficient window on the market… and the best option for window replacement in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX:

Foam-filled & fused frames and sashes

The Quantum 2’s frame and sashes are filled with special foam to provide added insulation. The frames and sashes are also fusion-welded for air- and water-tight, unitized construction.

Proprietary multi-point glazing seal

Goes above and beyond industry standards and is uniquely certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) at a Double-A level for unbeatable reliability.

Low conductivity spacer system

Low conductivity spacer technology extends the Quantum 2’s high center of glass R-value to the edge of the frame.

Unique U-channel spacer system

U-channel spacer flexes to absorb thermal stress. This eliminates spacer movements as well as stress cracks and sealant failure, providing years of peak performance and outstanding beauty for your windows in Dallas or Fort Worth.

Dual weather stripping

Prevents air and water infiltration.

Inert gas fill

Argon gas strategically placed between glass panes and suspended film maximizes R-value by suppressing conduction and convection within our glass unit.

Suspended film

Suspended film offers multiple advantages over triple–glazing and reduces convection and energy transfer without the weight and size of more glass.

Wide IG

A wide IG results in better thermal insulation and higher STC (sound transmission class) ratings.

Wet glazing

Minimizes air leakage at the glass to sash bond, increasing R-value performance.

Window Installation & Repair Services

Superior Quality Vinyl Offers The Best Thermal Performance, Unmatched Beauty, And Minimal Maintenance.

Simply put, vinyl is the optimal material for quality window replacement in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX. Vinyl windows don't absorb water and swell, scratch, dent, peel, fade or flake, and are easy to clean with soap and water. It’s the window that requires the least maintenance, lasts the longest, and gives you the best value for your money. Period. End of story. No question.

Here is why Quantum 2’s high-quality vinyl will perform perfectly for decades and retain an everlasting beauty:

Coastal corrosion resistance

Vinyl is much better at resisting corrosive salt air than aluminum, making a better option for coastal applications.

Minimal Maintenance

Quantum 2 requires virtually no maintenance and only needs an occasion wipe down every few years. It also resists mold, rusting, and flaking.

Beauty for years

Quantum 2 will never pit, flake, or corrode. And because vinyl durable frames are already colored and finished, there is no need to sand, paint, or touch them up.

Superior corner joints

Our Quantum 2 windows for Dallas and Fort Worth are designed with heavy duty vinyl with all corner joints physically fused together for extraordinary strength.

99.5% UV protection

Reduces fading more than any other window on the market.

Window Installation & Repair Services

A Giant Step For Windows… A Quantum Leap For Your Home.

The Quantum 2 comes with features you cannot get from any other replacement window in Dallas or Fort Worth -- and has none of the weak points (air leakage, bad insulation, low durability, etc.) common in other brands. It’s water-PROOF, leak-PROOF, and was recently rated the Most Energy Efficient Window of 2013 by Energy Star. It also comes with a lifetime warranty (including glass breakage) for total peace of mind. And we are the only company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that installs it.