6 Benefits of Concrete Coatings

What do you think of when you think of concrete floors? Is it cold? Industrial? Even prison-like? While a beautiful and cost-effective flooring option may not be the first thing that comes to mind, concrete coatings offer a vast array of design possibilities that can take any space from bland to grand. Here are just a few of the benefits concrete flooring offers.

  1. It’s Sustainable

Going green is here to stay. Concrete floors are a sustainable option for any space with an existing concrete slab, as they eliminate the need to use new materials — and with all the available coating options, concrete has become a viable option for spaces beyond basements and garages. From living rooms to bedrooms, concrete coatings look perfectly refined, especially when paired with area rugs.

  1. It’s Easy to Clean and Maintain

Of all the flooring options on the market, concrete is by far the easiest to clean and maintain.

Clarity Concrete Coatings are made with a polyurea basecoat, which is four times stronger and ten times more flexible than traditional epoxy concrete coating systems, making it even easier to maintain. It also doesn’t require regular waxing or sealing. To clean, simply use a neutral cleaning agent to mop the floor occasionally.

  1. It’s Cost Effective

The cost of concrete flooring is very low. Prices to polish a plain gray slab range from $2 to $6 per square foot, while more elaborate finishes can cost anywhere from $5 to $8 per square foot. This pales in comparison to the $6 to $15 it costs to purchase and install low-grade engineered hardwood flooring, which only offers a thin veneer of hardwood. High-quality wood floors can cost anywhere from $12 to $24 per square foot and are still not a durable as concrete.

  1. It’s Durable

There’s a reason concrete is used for streets and building foundations: because it’s strong. A concrete floor that has been properly maintained can last up to a hundred years or more, making it a sound investment for homeowners seeking attractive flooring options that don’t require a ton of maintenance. Even in high-traffic commercial applications, concrete can survive the test of time, saving money and preventing the need to get flooring replaced periodically.

  1. It’s Versatile

Even if your concrete has pitting, bumps, and defects — something Clarity can fix and make beautiful if you choose us to complete your concrete coating project — you have the option of installing carpet or hardwood on top of that concrete in the future. This offers a lot of design freedom moving forward, and also creates a blank canvas in the event that you sell your home, which can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

  1. It’s Beautiful

Concrete often gets a bad rap for being cold and industrial; however, modern concrete mixing techniques have made it easy to achieve a nearly endless variety of color and textural effects.
We provide a wide variety of colors and coating designs including chip, quartz, metallic, and marbleized 3D, so finding the perfect coating for your space is easy.

While concrete may not be the first place your mind goes when you think about renovating your space, it’s easy to see why it’s an attractive flooring option for both residential and commercial applications. Give us a call today at (940) 898-9988 to discover the difference concrete coatings can make in your home or office. As always, the consultation is completely free and comes with no obligation.

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