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No, there are many different ways windows are manufactured and many different quality levels. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, this industry is mostly driven by price instead of performance. The thought process of, anything is better than what you have, has allowed the majority of replacement windows sold and installed nationally to use technology that has been outdated for over ten years. You need to consider the type of glass being used, the type of gas between the panes, the type of materials used in the frame, how the window is constructed, the seals, operating components, weather stripping, locks, spacers, the sealant that holds the gas in, how it is sealed and the coatings on the glass, installation, etc. The list goes on and on. Education is key!

Yes! Because of the high quality of our windows and window installation, you are assured of energy savings. Expect to save and extend the life of your HVAC unit, but more importantly, expect to be comfortable and have a beautiful home.

You’re covered. Every glass unit has a non-prorated lifetime warranty against seal failure.

You will never have to pay for a service call — ever. Our windows come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee that includes complimentary in-home service calls for any factory service work as a result of a defect in materials or workmanship. Your cost will always be $0.

A trained Clarity Craftsman will install your new windows with pride and expertise. This will ensure both quality installation and a beautiful job every time. Our installers are all Clarity Craftsmen — we never use random subcontractors.

It depends on how big the project is, but most jobs can be completed in one day, including clean up.

We can show you several financing options that can help you get the job done within your budget. Financing available with approved credit.

Yes, many. Our vinyl windows are all custom-made for a perfect fit. Most wood windows are standard size and won’t fit without a great deal of construction or carpentry work. Plus, vinyl windows are more energy efficient. Wood windows also require a tremendous amount of finish work that takes time and is expensive. Our warranty is much better than wood window warranties. However, if you need wood windows, we can take care of that also.

If you are not capable, we will move furniture as necessary and remove any window treatments that might be in the way of the installation. If the window treatments can be reinstalled as they were originally attached, we will reinstall them for you. If for any reason they are not compatible we will save all of the hardware that had to be removed.

For most window replacement, there should be minimal — if any — damage in the work area, depending on the condition of the home and work area. When we finish the project, there may be minor touch-ups, but in most cases there are none. We are happy to evaluate to give you a better idea.

Every home is unique and built with different exteriors. We will explain fully how the exterior will be finished when we look at the work area.

Not long. For window replacements and repairs we work on one opening at a time, so we never leave you exposed to inclement weather.

No, not the entire time. We only need you to provide access and be there for the final walkthrough and to provide payment.

Simple. If the glass ever breaks due to an installation issue or defect, we’ll replace it free of charge.


At Clarity Windows and Doors, we install ProVia because they provide the energy efficiency, security, durability, and beauty homeowners want. ProVia doors are built to perform, installed with special security mechanisms, and come with a lifetime warranty. In short, ProVia is the ultimate peace-of-mind door.

If you are always feeling cold or hot drafts coming from around your door, you probably already realize it’s time to replace your door. Also, if your door is detracting from your home’s appearance because it is cracked, warped, or just looks like it has taken a beating, replacement will significantly upgrade the look of your home. Another good reason to replace your door is to increase energy savings and/or security.

Door cost is going to depend on aesthetics. All ProVia doors are high quality and high performance. The price ranges depending on style and options. Sure, you can find cheaper priced doors, but you probably already have an older version of that door in your home. If you go with a lower price, you’re either paying for slipshod materials, substandard installation — or both.

ProVia doors are foam-filled with thermally efficient material and are designed and built to seal air-tight. Special seals further insulate your home. ProVia doors don’t leak like other cheaper doors and can cut your energy costs by hundreds of dollars every single year.

Yes, it does. Here’s why: your door is one of the first aspects of your home people see. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. A poorly installed door can be seen from a mile away and will affect the impression your guests have about the rest of your home. Improper door installation can also affect security, energy efficiency and overall performance — a door needs to close snugly against all weather-stripping and have no gaps. We strictly adhere to manufacturer installation recommendations. Every door we install is properly installed for maximum curb appeal and energy efficiency.

A security plate built into the frame of the door makes it much more difficult to break in. A door without a security plate can usually handle only about 80 lbs. of force before giving way. With a plate, it will typically withstand at least 450 lbs. We recommend doors with a security plate built into the door. Asking a professional to guide you on the most secure door and then having it professionally installed is the best way to get the safest door for your home.

Finding a solution is always the least expensive option. We offer financing options with approved credit that allow you to spread out the cost and make solving your problem more convenient.

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