Anlin Sound Suppression Technology (Sound Pack)

Anlin Sound Suppression Technology

Are your neighbors partying all night and can’t sleep? Anlin windows with the Sound Suppression Technology helps reduce outside unwanted noise by up to 50% so you can enjoy the quietness of your home.

The Anlin Sound Suppression Technology or sound pack is an optional upgrade that comes standard on Anlin Del Mar Series windows and can be combined with any of Anlin’s High Performance Glass Packages.

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How does the it work?

Anlin Sound Suppression Technology uses dissimilar glass to help break down the sound waves entering the home from the outside. The interior glass pane is 3/16″ thick and the exterior glass pane is 1/8″ thick. Argon Gas is filled between the two panes of glass and helps with the transmission of noise as well as energy efficiency. Laminated glass, which has polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inner layer between two pieces of glass, can also help reduce outside noise. sound package

How are windows rated for sound transmission?

Windows are measured by Sound Transmission Class (STC), which measures the effectiveness of varies materials such as walls, doors, and windows in reducing sound transmission. The lower the STC number, the less sound will be blocked, so when it comes to this measurement, the higher the STC number, the better.

Which windows should I get the sound package on?

You can choose to add the Anlin Sound Suppression Technology to all the windows throughout your home or just the windows that have the most outside noise.

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