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How to Choose a Dog Door | Anlin Pet Door

Freedom for you and your pets

Pets are a member of the family too. Allow all your members of the family to use our Anlin Malibu sliding patio door or swinging French door with the customizable Anlin Pet Door. It gives your pets the freedom to go in and out and gives you freedom from having to let your pets in or out.

  • Heavy duty frame built right into the glass.
  • Durable magnetic flap with weatherstrip for protection against outdoor elements.
  • Slim design allows sliding patio doors to be fully opened and closed even with closure panel inserted and latched.
  • Choose any lower corner of the Anlin Malibu sliding door and swinging French door, including stationary and moveable panels.
Anlin Pet Door, Dog Door, Clarity
  • Pets that have the freedom to go outside to get exercise tend to be healthier and happier.
  • Pets that can go outside themselves leave less messes inside.
  • Your doors will not get ruined by pets clawing to get in or out.
  • You do not have to open the door every time your pet wants in or out.
Anlin pet door


Pet Door Placement

The Anlin Pet Door is built right into the glass allowing you to choose any lower corner on the Malibu sliding or swinging French door even the stationary panels, which does not affect the moveable panels due to the slim-line design. The preferred position by homeowners is the lower right corner of the stationary panel.

Pet Door, Dog Door


Choosing the right size for your pet
  1. Width: Measure the widest part of your pet, the chest or hips and add two inches.
  2. Height: Measure your pet from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest or belly, whichever is the tallest part. Add two inches.
  3. Withers: Measure your pet from the top of the shoulders to the floor to determine the rise needed. Note: Rise is the height from the floor to the bottom of the flap in the pet door. It is the height the pet must step over to enter or exit the pet door.
  4. Select Size Based on your pet’s width, height, and withers, select which door flap opening and rise fits your pet’s comfort and ease of use.

Pet Door, Dog Door, Clarity

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