Keep Your Home Warmer with Anlin QuadraTherm

Is your home drafty during winter?

It could be your old windows letting the warmth escape. When the warm air reaches the cold window the warm air turns cold. Anlin QuadraTherm can be combined with any of the High Performance Glass packages to increase heat retention in your home during the winter months.

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What is Anlin QuadraTherm?

Anlin QuadraTherm is heat retention coating applied on the inside of the glass that reflects the heat back into the room. To improve thermal performance Argon Gas is included between the panes of glass. The heat retention coating allows a double pane window to have the energy star performance of a triple pane window.


How QuadraTherm works

There are two parts of Anlin QuadraTherm that increase energy savings. The first part is a patented multilayer solar reflective coating that is applied to the exterior panel, which blocks 95% of the sun’s rays and keeps the cold winter air out. The second part is a multi-layer heat retention coating on the interior panel. This coating keeps interior heat from escaping through the windows. Anlin windows have two panels plus Argon gas to decrease heat loss and increase energy savings.


If you decide to replace your windows, Contact Clarity Windows & Doors to speak with a replacement window expert and to help choose the best glass package for your home. Give us a call at (972) 393-3991.

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