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Patio Door Replacement | Choose The Right Patio Door For Your Home

Which patio door is right for my home?

Deciding between the sliding patio door or the swinging French door can be a tough decision. Both patio doors are great choices as they both let in a lot of light and give your backyard a beautiful entrance.

Sliding Patio doors

Sliding patio doors are designed to slide horizontally and slide either left or right. There are many configurations to choose from with a sliding patio door. Sliding patio doors have one or more fixed panels and the sliding panel can be left-handed or right-handed.

Sliding door

Sliding Patio Doors: Space

With sliding patio doors very little is needed since they slide on a single-track side by side. Furniture and home décor can be easily placed by the doors

Sliding door


Sliding Patio Doors: Design and Style

Sliding doors have a modern style with narrow frames and clean lines which make them perfect for modern style homes. These doors have a larger glass viewing area and can be made in larger sizes.

Sliding door

Sliding Patio Doors: Operation

Sliding doors are supported by rollers on a track for easy operation. They are typically heavier than swing doors because they are larger and have more glass. Anlin’s Malibu sliding patio doors come with 2 sets of 4 rollers “QuadraGlide” for a lifetime of smooth operation.

Sliding door

Sliding Patio Doors: Security

Sliding doors have more glass area and less frame than swing doors. Anlin Malibu sliding patio doors come with two heavy-duty locking hooks and an optional deadbolt feature for added security. Laminated security glass is also available for Anlin Malibu sliding patio doors.


Swinging French Doors

Swinging French Doors are designed to open inward or outward. They can also be designed to operate for left-hand or right-hand. There are several different configurations available with the option of adding sidelights. French doors are a good choice for high traffic areas.

Swing door

Swinging French Doors: Space

There is space that is needed around the door to open and close. Patio furniture or interior furniture should not be placed in front of swinging French doors since they can open inward or outward.

Patio door

Swinging French Doors: Design and Style

Swinging French doors are more traditional given its name and origin during 17th-century France. French Doors are known for their use in luxurious styles homes or making a home feel more luxurious. These doors are a great option for Colonial or Victorian style homes. The frame for swing doors is wider than siding doors making the viewing area smaller.

Swing door

Swinging French Doors: Operation

French doors either swing open inward or outward on three hinges. They can be hard to open and close when there are high winds outside.

Patio door

Swinging French Doors: Security

Anlin swinging French doors has a 3-point locking system with two locks the top and bottom that are activated when the handle is pulled up and a deadbolt in the middle for added security. Laminated security glass is available for Anlin swinging French doors.


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