Black Windows, The New Trend

Black windows are still the hottest trend. Many homeowners are choosing black windows for their homes and we believe this won’t be going away anytime soon. Black windows are a great compliment to many different home styles including farmhouse and modern style homes. Replacing your windows with black windows can provide that wow factor and instantly make your home the standout in the neighborhood.

Anlin’s architectural black windows with ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Coatings can greatly improve the look of your home and still remain energy efficient! Learn More

Create a Bold Contrast

If your home has a light exterior color, installing black windows will create a bold contrast that catches attention and makes your home stand out.

Home with Black Windows, Dallas Fort-worth, Clarity Windows and Doors


Curb Appeal Enhancement

Black windows greatly increase curb appeal bringing a dramatic change and distinguishing your home from the others.

Home with Black Windows, Dallas Fort-worth, Clarity Windows and Doors


Won’t Go Out of Style

Black windows are a classic look and has been around for a long time and still a popular window color choice today. They give a timeless modern look and enhances the exterior of the home. At Clarity, we offer Anlin windows that are available in 12 designer exterior colors to choose from, including architectural black.

Home with Black Windows, Dallas Fort-worth, Clarity Windows and Doors


Get the Best of Both Worlds. Black Exterior and White Interior.

Black windows with black on the exterior and interior may not match the interior look of your home and can clash with the home design and decor. Anlin windows come with a black exterior frame color option and white, adobe or tan for the interior frame, so you can keep the look of the inside of your home.


Bonus: Anlin’s Black Windows Don’t Absorb Heat

If your worried about black windows compromising your energy-efficiency and absorbing heat no need to worry. Unlike ordinary paints that absorb the sun’s infrared heat, Anlin’s ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Coatings are made with pigments that reflect the sun’s infrared heat, keeping your vinyl windows and doors cooler regardless of color. Anlin offers ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Coatings in 12 exterior colors to choose from to bring out the best in your home.

Anlin’s ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Coatings:

  • The most environmental friendly coatings in the industry
  • Exceed California environmental standards by as much as 80%
  • Rated as non-hazardous by the EPA
  • Exceed AAMA and ASTM standards for heat reflectivity, UV resistance, humidity and corrosion resistance, impact and adhesion

Contact a Clarity expert today to ensure black windows are the right choice for your home. For a no-pressure conversation and all-informative chat with a windows expert, give us a call at (972) 393-3991.

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