Get Your Patio Fall Ready

It may be summer, but fall is just around the corner. As the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler, many put the idea of backyard barbeques behind them and opt instead for indoor activities. But just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean your patio has to sit idly until next spring, right? We sure don’t think so! Fall in Texas is one of the most comfortable times of the year, which makes it the perfect season to enjoy your backyard living area. Here are a few tips for getting your patio ready for fall entertaining.

Make it Cozy

One of the main reasons people enjoy having a patio is because they want to be able to entertain outdoors. While fall in Texas is not historically known for being cold, the nights can be chilly, and that can pose a problem when hosting outdoor gatherings. The good news is there are a few easy fixes. One option is to buy an outdoor heater, which you can find in a variety of different configurations, from table-top to standing and wall-hanging. While this is one of the pricier items on this list, it’s a great investment if you enjoy being outdoors during the colder months.

Another option is to install a fireplace, which can really take your patio area to the next level.  While this is a more expensive option, you can also opt for a firepit or chimenea instead, which will cut down the cost substantially while still providing the same warmth and effect. An added benefit of an outdoor firepit is the ability to roast marshmallows, because who doesn’t love a good s’more?

Finally, keep your guests cozy by offering them a way to snuggle up. A pile of warm, fuzzy blankets and comfortable throw pillows should do the trick.

comfortable patio
Don’t Forget to Cover Up

Brisk fall winds can quickly cool your patio and leave you wanting to head for shelter. However, the right coverage can help keep the cold weather at bay — it can also help cool your patio, making it more comfortable in the summer months. Consider installing a canopy or other enclosure that doesn’t obstruct your view but protects you from the elements. You could even consider enclosing a portion of your patio permanently. This might be more expensive than the alternatives but can really transform your patio into a secondary living area that can be used all year.

covered back patio
Let There Be Light

You can’t have a party in the dark! As the days get shorter and the nights longer, you will likely be abandoning your patio without an adequate lighting scheme. Outdoor lighting options are abundant — from string lights and hanging lamps to tiki torches — and the type you choose is entirely up to you! Try stringing lights to your deck rails, or hanging them from a canopy or surrounding trees. You can also hang paper lanterns from tree branches, or use festive candles to really add some charm to your outdoor space.

back patio with lights at night
 Add Some Foliage

While many plants need to transition indoors to survive the colder months, there are some that actually thrive in fall weather. Joe Pye weed, for instance, will bloom up until the first frost — assuming we have one this year — and will make your patio look warm and inviting. Goldenrods and garden mums are also popular choices. Pair these plants with pumpkins and assorted gourds for a festive fall look that sets the stage for celebrating the season.

fall patio decorations
Create an Outdoor Living Room

Creating an outdoor living room is a great way to encourage your family and guests to spend more time outside. Start by investing in comfortable patio furniture. An array of chair options, and perhaps even an outdoor couch or sectional, can provide ample seating and encourage guests to relax and stay a while. You can also consider putting a television in your patio area to create a space for family and guests to watch a movie or the big game.

outdoor living area
There’s no point in having a patio if you don’t use it, and with Texas weather remaining mild for the majority of the year, there’s no good reason patio usage should be limited to summertime. Using these tips, you can turn your patio into a quaint outdoor area that you can enjoy no matter what the season. You might also want to consider a new patio door to make your outdoor living space even more inviting. For more information, you can visit our blog on patio doors for every home style. Also, if you entertain regularly, the experience starts long before your guests make it into your home or backyard. Give them something to look forward to by creating a grand entrance for your home.

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