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Can you replace your windows during winter?

Yes, you can replace your windows during the winter months. Having quality windows is essential to keeping your home insulated during the winter months. Here are reasons to get replacement windows in the winter.

Scheduling Flexibility

During the winter months, less people are replacing their windows, which makes scheduling a time to install your windows easier than in summer months. The installation job might get done faster because there are fewer homes the installers have to go to in winter.

Special Offers

Home Improvement companies are usually slower in the winter months, which means they may have better offers than in the warmer months. Some companies may also offer deals during the winter months. Clarity Windows and Doors has a special offer going on now Buy One Window, Get One 40% Off. Visit Clarity’s website to see current special offers that you can take advantage of.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

Energy Savings

You will save money because your new windows will be more energy efficient. High performance energy efficient windows such as Anlin Windows and Doors, helps keep more warmth inside your home during winter. Have Clarity Windows and Doors take care of the install and help pick the right window for you home.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

When to replace your windows

There are signs to look for when windows need replacing. Each house is different and the signs to replace windows may be different. The weatherstripping seals should be checked for cracks or chips, which may mean that it is not working properly. If you see any cracks or gaps in the caulking around the window it may be time to replace your window. Another sign to replace your old windows is if condensation is occurring on regular basis due to higher humidity levels. If you see any of these signs you may not want to wait too long to replace your old windows.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

If you decide to replace your windows, Contact Clarity Windows & Doors to speak with a replacement window expert and to help choose the best windows for your home. Give us a call at (972) 393-3991.

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