Window Grids or No Grids? That is the Question!

Should I get grids on my windows or not?

“Should I get gris on my windows or not?” is a common question homeowners ask themselves when buying replacement windows.  Window grids are fixed inserts placed between the two panes of glass on a double pane window. The purpose of window grids is to add decoration to the window and curb appeal to the home. In the past, grids were called muntin, which was a piece of metal or wood that held panes of glass together to form a window.

Homeowners consider many factors when deciding to buy new replacement windows. One of the biggest factors to consider is having window grids or not having window grids. The style of your home can help you determine if grids will work with your home’s style. The common grid style patterns include Colonial, Perimeter, and Queen Anne.

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Pros of Window Grids

Adding grids to windows on the front of a home can increase curb appeal on colonial style homes. Grids can add style and a little distraction from a view that’s boring or unpleasant. Window grids also adds some privacy without adding shades or curtains to window and helps lower a home’s solar heat gain coefficient. A solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is the amount of sun heat blocked by a window.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

Cons of Window Grids

One of the cons of grids on windows and doors is that they can obstruct the view out the window. For example, if you have a beautiful view in your backyard or front yard, you may opt to leave the grids off. Another con of grids on windows is the window can be hard to clean if the grid is on the outside of the window. On the other hand, many manufacturers have different options of where the grids are installed. Anlin Windows and Doors installs the grids in between the two panes of glass, which can’t be removed. Grids can also block some of sunlight coming through the window.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

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