Why You Should Choose Anlin Windows for Your Next Project

It is safe to say we know our way around a window. It is also safe to say that, as a window installation service, people constantly ask us for window brand recommendations. Our answer is always the same—if you need windows, you need Anlin windows.

It’s important to note why good windows are important before we show you why Anlin are the best windows out there. You will see the difference between good and bad windows in your budget, security, and home aesthetic. Yes, a good window will make your house look nicer (a lot nicer), but it will also provide the benefits of lower energy costs and a safer home.

Whether you are remodeling an existing home or installing new construction windows, we always recommend homeowners choose Anlin windows and doors because they offer premium craftsmanship, beauty, and great features at a value price.

Reasons to Invest in Anlin Del Mar Window and Patio Door Systems

Save Energy and Add Comfort

  • High performance glazing package
  • Triple-layer silver low-E3 glass coating for superior solar control
  • Triple-fin weather-stripping
  • Argon gas-filled window units for superior insulation
  • Sound suppression technology to reduce noise
  • Exceeds Energy Star requirements

Beautify and Update Home

  • Narrow frame provides optimum viewing area
  • Frame and sash details add curb appeal
  • Narrow 2” locking rail allows maximum view
  • Swinging French doors
  • French style sliding doors
  • Garden windows available
  • Window and door options to enhance any home style

Safety and Security

  • All products are AAMA Gold Labeled certified
  • All hardware passed strict California Forced Entry resistance tests
  • All locks fastened into metal reinforcement
  • Pull-tight cam locks standard
  • Multiple-point lock on patio doors
  • Additional security options available
  • Double-strength glass standard
  • Optional triple-strength glass

Peace of Mind

  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Coverage includes parts and labor
  • Optional accidental glass breakage coverage
  • Coverage in writing
  • Built to last with low maintenance

If you’re thinking about windows, think about Anlin. You don’t have to take our word for it (although you could, because as we mentioned before, we know our way around a window). It is clear from the long list above that the benefits of Anlin windows are extensive. If you want your windows to help you save energy, beautify your home, and feel safe, we highly recommend Anlin for your next project.

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