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Window Air Infiltration | Energy Efficient Windows

What is Window Air Infiltration?

Window air infiltration is the air pressure differences between the inside and outside of the home. The outside air can travel through small gaps between the sash and frame. Air can travel into and out of the windows, which causes the outside air to exchange with the inside air.  If the air exchanges more often, the heating and cooling system must recondition the air in the room.

Why it is important for energy efficiency?

Many people overlook the air infiltration ratings when choosing windows for their home. When air infiltration is increased, the heating and cooling costs are increased, and the comfort level of the room is reduced. It is important to look for windows with low air infiltration ratings to keep energy costs down and the comfort of the indoor space up.

AAMA Standards

To meet the standards of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), a window must achieve an air leakage or air infiltration rating below .30 cubic feet per minute at 25 miles per hour wind-load. The lower the value, the better the performance of the window. Anlin Windows manufactures windows with air infiltration rating as low as .01 and products that are up to 30 times more airtight than the industry requirements.

Dallas-Fort Worth Replacement Windows and Doors, Clarity Windows & Doors

What type of windows are the best for air infiltration?

Picture Windows

Fixed products or picture windows do not have any moving parts, making them the best for air infiltration. You may need operable windows, but what operable windows perform best for air infiltration.

picture window

Casement Window

For operable windows, Casement windows perform best against air infiltration due to the triple-fin weatherstrips with four areas of plush filler to provide a weather tight seal.

casement window

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