Dallas Replacement Windows

Bring Out the Best in Your Home with High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Dallas Replacement Windows

Bring Out the Best in Your Home with High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Buying new windows can be a tedious process. We understand that it’s a big investment and you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. At Clarity Windows and Doors, we believe that when a company has a good product, they stand behind it. We’ve searched high and low, looking at hundreds of window providers to supply our customers with the best of the best. The Del Mar Series by Anlin Windows is what we found.

The Del Mar Series by Anlin

  • Over the past decade, Anlin Windows has researched and developed the best replacement windows to meet the increasing energy efficiency needs for homes in Texas. The Del Mar Series’ beauty is complemented with unique features to enhance energy efficiency, smooth operation, and sound suppression — but it doesn’t stop there. Del Mar replacement windows are also backed by the most inclusive lifetime warranty in the industry and boast some truly top-notch features to boot.

  • Energy-Saving Technology

    Save on energy costs no matter the season and spend more on the things you love. With leading-edge technology built right in, Anlin Windows are the most energy-efficient dual-pane replacement windows in the industry, with two high-tech insulated glass system options that exceed Energy Star requirements. Anlin Windows also offer tinted solar reflective technology, the ultimate technology for combating extreme solar heat. Whether it’s the searing sun of Texas or those west-facing windows exposed to a scorching afternoon sun, tinted solar-reflective technology dramatically reduces solar heat and lowers cooling costs.

  • Exceptional Styling and Quality

    With superior craftsmanship, components, and features, the Del Mar Series by Anlin Windows make you feel great in your home and about your home. It’s quality that increases your resale value. Anlin also offers a wide variety of exterior color options, grid patterns, and glass and frame options to bring out your inner designer.

  • Loaded with Features

    Del Mar replacement windows come standard with sound suppression technology to reduce exterior noise for a quieter, more comfortable home. Hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning, and sliding windows glide open and shut effortlessly. It’s the perfect combination of form and function, plus it keeps you from having to listen to your neighbor’s lawnmower on an otherwise relaxing afternoon.

  • A Safer Home

    Del Mar replacement windows can’t be jimmied from the outside, and the lock systems used by Anlin pass the forced entry test, earning all three certifications of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Label. And with the top security rating for break-ins, you and your family can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

  • Anlin Window’s Truly Superior Warranty

    Did we mention that Anlin’s Del Mar replacement windows are backed by the most inclusive lifetime warranty in the industry? From shipping to installation and beyond, Anlin’s lifetime warranty coverage is also transferable to one subsequent homeowner should you sell your home. That’s two lifetimes of truly worry-free windows. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at Anlin’s coverage summary.

Coverage Summary

Del Mar, Catalina, Panoramic, Coronado, and Malibu series


Includes all parts and shipping for covered products and services


Includes all labor costs for covered products and services

Glass Replacement

Accidental glass breakage replacement for most glass

Home owned and continuously occupied by the purchaser

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

One subsequent homeowner

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

Free for a Lifetime

Transform your home with beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows. Contact us today!

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Unleash Your Inner Designer with The Del Mar Series by Anlin Windows

High-performing replacement windows are great, but they have to look good too! In addition to superior performance and a truly unbeatable warranty, the Del Mar Series by Anlin Windows lets you make the most of your window replacement with completely customizable window options to match your personal style.

Operating Styles and Configurations

Never be limited by standard options. With the Del Mar Series by Anlin Windows, choose between a wide array of styles and configuration options. From single and double-hung to picture and geometric, the options are limitless. We also offer custom window creation and fitting to accommodate even the trickiest of window replacement projects. With Anlin Windows, the choice really is yours.

The Three Most Popular Window Frame Colors

White, tan, and adobe frames are considered classic for a reason. Popular with most home styles, these colors naturally complement your home’s interior and exterior for a seamless design that brings out the best in your home. White window frames are perfect for drawing subtle attention to your home’s exterior while not absorbing too much heat from the sun. Tan window frames hide dirt and dust well, blend perfectly with your home’s exterior, and won’t fade as quickly. And adobe window frames work best with a home that has a warm color palette both inside and out. At Clarity, we take color seriously, so if you want to know which option will work best for your home, just ask. Because your windows and frames last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, it’s important to love everything about your frames down to the finest detail.

ThermaCoat™ Exterior Color Options

Color is one of the most effective ways to enhance a home’s charm and curb appeal. It’s the finishing accent that turns a nice home into a wow home. Available in 12 of the most popular designer colors, ThermaCoat lets you personalize your Anlin Windows to bring out the best in your home. And with ThermaCoat, beauty is just the beginning. Unlike ordinary paints that absorb the sun’s infrared heat, ThermaCoat Solar Reflective Colors are made with pigments that reflect the sun’s infrared heat, keeping your replacement windows cooler regardless of color. When you consider that Anlin Windows already leads the industry in thermal performance, adding ThermaCoat is the perfect complement.

Lock Options

Security is just as important as style, especially when it comes to the barrier that protects your home from the outside world. Anlin Windows offer two lock options for their replacement windows, the standard pull-tight cam lock and the optional true Action Lock, which automatically locks when the sash is closed, both of which are available in a variety of finishes.

Grid Styles and Patterns

Window design goes far beyond just the style and the frame. Anlin Window’s customizable grid styles and patterns allow you to create the architectural look that you want for your home.

Decorative Glass Options

If privacy is your main concern, or if you just want to add a little spice to your window replacement project, Anlin Windows offers a variety of decorative glass patterns so you can get the look you love. Del Mar replacement windows are also available in tempered glass, which may reduce the potential for serious injury when broken. Anlin replacement windows also offer tinted solar-reflective technology, the ultimate technology for combating extreme solar heat. Engineered to reflect the sun where it beats the hottest, the tinted triple-silver coating on Anlin windows dramatically reduces solar heat and lowers cooling costs.

Frame Options

Everything else is customizable, so it only makes sense that the window frames are too! Get the look you love with block, contemporary, or brickmould replacement window frames.

Want to learn more about Anlin Windows? Download the brochure to explore all your window replacement options!

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