Cut Monthly Bills by Up to 50% by Installing Energy Efficient Double Paned Windows

Cut Monthly Bills by Up to 50% by Installing Energy Efficient Double Paned Windows



Cut Monthly Bills by Up to 50% by Installing Energy Efficient Double Paned Windows


One of the least expensive remodeling projects which homeowners may undertake is the replacement of all of the Windows and exterior Doors.
While it may not be as profitable as a full kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel with regards to resale value, it can add character to a home and save major expenses every month on heating and cooling the home. Coupled with upgrading accent pieces such as outside lighting fixtures or dormers, a homeowner can radically change the appearance of a home.

The available Window and Door materials and hardware on the market are truly amazing. Every type has its own strengths and possibilities.
For the most part, any newly manufactured Window and Door will provide better insulation properties over the existing fixtures of a house as little as 10 – 15 years old. Rapid advancements in construction materials and techniques allow this possibility.

Double paned glass Windows have seen improvements in the past 20 years. Having a space of either oxygen or argon gas in between two panes of glass increases the insulated properties of Windows over just having a single pane of glass.
Depending upon the region of the country, certain frame materials also can contribute to providing better insulation from colder temperature.

Common framing materials used are vinyl, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. Because of the construction and physical properties of these materials, all but aluminum is best in colder northern climates.
Where the climate in the south reaches higher temperature, aluminum is a good alternative for Window framing.

Another major benefit of double paned Windows is improved noise reduction from the outside environment.
This may not be a factor though unless living in a suburban area or a downtown city where noise from the hustle and bustle of traffic is common.

While the initial cost of the Windows may be higher than anticipated, the average homeowner can realistically expect monthly savings of the energy utility bills to be reduced by as much as 50% percent.
This monthly savings will completely offset the cost of the Windows within a short time. If resale of the home is a possibility in the next few years, the efficiency of double paned Windows will also serve as an attractive selling feature of the home.

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