Floor Coating Systems – New Technology for Coating Concrete Floors

Floor Coating Systems – New Technology for Coating Concrete Floors



Floor Coating Systems – New Technology for Coating Concrete Floors


For a long-lasting and more permanent floor coating system, hybrid coating systems are the most advanced. They combine the best of all resin systems tailor-made for your needs. The selection of the hybrid system depends on your application requirements.

There are many considerations that go into selection of a hybrid system but always will depend upon the specific requirements of a particular floor surface.

Hybrid systems have developed from the new technology of urethane cements. These systems, in combination with other resins yield a superior, longer lasting floor. Costs are similar to stand-alone resin systems so that improved performance can be achieved with the same budget.

A valuable source of knowledge on hybrid flooring systems often underutilized, is the floor coating manufacturer. Rely upon their guidance and recommendations when specifying a solution for your floor.

Any prudent contractor will want to perform extensive moisture tests on the flooring surface. This upfront cost is a given in any floor coating requirement. These tests will dictate what hybrid coating choices will be made of polyurea and urethane cement systems.

Selecting a contractor to perform the floor coating work is an important task. Failure begins or ends with this critical decision. Be sure to investigate reputation, and the process of installation step by step with each contractor you interview. The right questions will help you make your decision.

It’s not so easy to select the right contractor. Always begin with a specification from a manufacturer, not a contractor. Be sure to always engage someone regularly engaged in the business of installing floors, not just any contractor will do.

It would be a mistake to assume that all contractors have experience in applying all resin systems. Some prefer one type of coating or another. You want a professional organization that stays on top of all the latest technology, has demonstrated good communication and customer service.

A wrong choice of a contractor can have quite adverse results. Some contractors overreach beyond their actual experience and try to sell themselves. This is a business where it is most important to go with experience in your selection of an installer.

A recent technology breakthrough in the field of cementitious urethanes is a natural semi gloss finish that is more attractive than a flat finish. Additionally it’s easier to clean.

What is not widely known is that new systems are being installed every day, thanks to the new hybrid technology. Cement urethane semi- gloss finishes are now being produced that were unknown as recently as early 2010.

Resurfacers are usually “stiff” and hard to apply at 1/4″. There is a self leveling cement urethane primer that applies at 1/8″ that can be hybridized into a decorative quartz or flake floor that’s quite beautiful.

Hybrid technology allows you to “mix it up” by selecting the very best properties of cement urethanes, epoxy and polyaspartics to achieve for your application.

Costs are significant in the flooring market as all work is hand done. Nevertheless, always ask about ways to save on costs. The most recent advances accomplish this and give you improved performance at the same time.

Before you specify a floor coating for your concrete urethane floor coating project, review these invaluable insider tips.


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